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Paravian Coat of Arms Greater.png
Province of The Clyne
  Province of  Empire of Paravia  


Sector Crown Lands
Capital Nyros
Established 29 Novemher 2014
 - Type Ducal monarchy
 - Body Ducal council
 - Duke of the Clyne Patrick Renwick
 - Total 4 (permanent)
Demonym Clynerian
Time zone CET

The Province of Clyne is a province and de facto capital territory of the Empire of Paravia. Its capital is the city of Nyros, which also happens to be the imperial capital. It is located in Stavanger, Norway.

It was established on November 29, 2014, and has a population of 4. This population consists of Emperor Patrick himself, High Chancellor Sean Renwick and his wife, and the Prince Imperial Nicholas.