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Great city of Nyros
Flag of Nyros
Official seal of Nyros
CountryEmpire of Paravia
Settled1904 (as residence of the family)
2014 (as Imperial residence and capital)
 • TypeDucal monarchy
 • BodyDucal council
 • Duke of the ClynePatrick Renwick
 • Total4 (permanent)

The Great City of Nyros, simply know as Nyros is the capital city of the Empire of Paravia. The city is also the capital of the province of the Clyne. Nyros is dominated by the Imperial palace, the residence of the Emperor. Nyros is landlocked within the Norwegian city of Stavanger, with the land it sits on having been purchased by the emperors great great grandfather in 1904. The Imperial Palace itself saw a complete renovation in 2006, where most of the original structure was replaced. The city is directly run by the Emperor, who is also the duke of the Clyne.

The city's name was originally Painon, however, this was changed to Nyros on the 12th December 2014, for the reason that the old name sounded too foreign.

Between 2008 and 2010, what today is Nyros was named Hoppalobindia city, and was the capital of the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia.

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