Robert Ștefănescu

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His Excellency
Robert Ștefănescu
Prime Minister of Carpathia
Assumed office
30 December 2015
Predecessor Office created
Member of Parliament for T. Vile
Assumed office
30 December 2015
Predecessor Parliament established
Citizenship Paravian (Carpathia), Romanian, Mahusetan
Nationality Carpather
Political party Liberal Party of Carpathia
Cabinet Ștefănescu I
Religion Agnostic

Robert Ștefănescu is a Carpather politician and the current Prime Minister of Carpathia. A member of the Liberal Party of Carpathia, he leads a coalition cabinet formed along with the Social Democratic Party. He assumed the position on 30 December 2015, the day the Regional Parliament of Carpathia first convened.


Ștefănescu's interest in micronationalism and politics began in his teenage years, entering the micronational community in 2013 as Sigmund Schmidt, in the Federal Republic of South-Eastern Carpathians. He has held political positions in micronations such as Carpathia and Ashukovo and was the Secretary-General of the Social Democratic Party of Ashukovo in 2014.

Political positions

Robert Ștefănescu's position on the political compass

Robert Ștefănescu has long described himself as a social liberal. A critical of the National Liberal Party of Romania, he has proposed policies such a marginal flat tax as a stepping stone to progressive taxes, and has described the aforementioned party as "betraying the true values of liberalism, by joining the European People's Party". Ștefănescu is a cultural liberal too, and strongly supports civil liberties, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, LGBT rights and abortion rights. He is currently a member of the Liberal Party of Carpathia.

He is also a republican, opposing any attempts to change Romania's form of government, as well as an opponent to the proposed reunification between Romania and Moldova.