Regional Parliament of Carpathia

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Regional Parliament of Carpathia

Parlamentul Regional al Carpatiei
1st Parliament
Prime Minister
Robert Ștefănescu, PCRP
since December 2015
Leader of the Opposition
Sorin Dumitrescu, PNL
since December 2015
Sorana Mihăilescu, PNL
since December 2015
Deputy Prime Minister
Gabriela Suha, PSD
Regional Parliament of Carpathia political groups

Government (45)

  •      PCRP (23)
  •      PSD (22)

Opposition (40)

  •      PNL (28)
  •      PCC (12)

The Parliament of Carpathia (Romanian: Parlamentul Carpatiei) is the legislative assembly of Carpathia. It is a unicameral legislature elected every 5 years, being the body which has the power to confirm a Government through a vote of confidence, or to bring it down through a vote of no confidence. It has 85 members, elected by parallel voting: 30 members are elected by Alternative Vote in single-member constituencies, while 45 members are elected by party-list proportional representation.

It is led by a speaker, who is generally a member of the largest party. Its powers are limited: it acts as a presiding officer and is a mediator between the governing parties and the opposition parties in Parliament. Usually but not always, ministers in the Government are also Members of Parliament.

Should a party have a majority of seats, it will form the Government. Usually, the largest party which does not have a majority of seats will be in government too. The largest party which does not get to form the Government is the Official Opposition party, and is entitled to its own shadow ministers.