Paravian Monarchy

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Emperor of Paravia
CoA of Paravia.png
Coat of Arms of Paravia
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
Patrick I

Style His Imperial Majesty
Heir presumptive Nicholas, Prince Imperial
First monarch Patrick I
Formation 2014

The Paravian Monarchy is the executive head of state of the Empire of Paravia and head of the Paravian branch of the House of Renwick. The Monarch is titled as Emperor of Paravia (Norwegian: Keiseren/Keiserinnen av Paravia) (Dachenian: K'aizr Pavarie). As one of the federal heads of state, he monarch reigns over the Paravian Crown Lands, the main state of the Empire of Paravia.


The House of Renwick is the current ruling house of Paravia and has been the cornerstone for the foundation and development of the Empire. The throne is intended to be inherited through an absolute primogeniture which meant a male or female may succeed to the throne regardless of their gender.

The following is the current line of succession to the throne of Paravia:

HIM Emperor Patrick I


Below is the current full titles and style the Monarch uses:

His Imperial Majesty Patrick I, By the will of the people and the constitution, Emperor of Paravia and the Crown Lands, Sovereign of the North, King of Demirelia and King of Hoppalobindia, Margrave of Storwald, Warden of Herbertia, Khan of Alikiir, Duke of the Clyne, Duke of Clipp, Lord of Rela and Grand Duke of Sugarloaf, Marquis of Bessatre, Count of Clemensbuier, Vorsitzender of the Abeldane Empire, Chief delegate to the Lordly executive of Valdsland, Beconite assemblyman, Deputy Speaker of the Paravian Chamber of Delegates, Commander-in-chief of all Imperial forces, Grand Master of the Order of the Imperial Star and Sovereign of the Order of Demirelia.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
Patrick I 9 January 2002 29 November 2014 Incumbent 5 years, 54 days Emperor Renwick
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg

Imperial Standard

Standard of the Paravian Monarch