Nicholas, Prince Imperial of Paravia

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Nicholas Renwick
His Imperial Highness Nicholas,
Prince Imperial of Paravia
Crown Prince of Hoppalobindia
Prince of Volkania
Prince Imperial of Paravia
Reign 29th November 2014 - present
Predecessor Position established
Crown Prince of Demirelia
Prince of Volkania
Position held 15th December 2015 - present
Preceded by Position established
Crown Prince of Hoppalobindia
Held office 11th August 2015 - present
Preceded by position established
Consort None
House Renwick
Father Sean Renwick
Mother Lise Næsheim-Renwick
Born 22 May 2010 (2010-05-22) (age 12)
Stavanger, Norway
Religion Protestant
Monarchical styles of
Prince Imperial Nicholas of Paravia
CoA of Paravian Prince Imperial.png
Reference style His Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Your Excellency

H.I.H Prince Imperial Nicholas or Nicholas Renwick (b. 22nd May 2010) is the younger brother of Emperor Patrick I of Paravia, and the heir presumptive to the Paravian throne, a position he has held since the establishment of Paravia on the 29th November 2014. Along with his position as heir to the Paravian throne, he is also heir to the thrones of Demirelia and Hoppalobindia, along with a number of minor duchies and other titles.