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Paravian Coat of Arms Greater.png
Archduchy of Gosen
  Archduchy of  Empire of Paravia  


Sector Crown Lands
Capital Lonn
Established 22 January 2016
 - Type Archduchy
 - Body Archdukal council
 - Archduke of Gosen Vadla
 - Total 2 (permanent)
Demonym Gosenese
Time zone CET

The Archduchy of Gosen is a feudal state within the Empire of Paravia. Its capital is the city of Lonn. Despite being titled as an Archduchy, Gosen, due to its permanent population, operates under the same system of government as any Paravian province. It was given its unique designation of Archduchy within the Empire due to its uncharacteristically large land area.