International of Left-wing Parties

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International of Left-wing Parties (ILP)
Logo of the ILP
Meeting place ILP :: Member Chat (Skype)
ILP Subforum ( Forum)

Official languages English

Membership 15 (16 with PIL) political parties

Leader Michael Ònff, Grémmian Labor Party

Ratification of the charter Thursday, 28 May 2015

Objective Making the voice of the minority Left be heard in the micronational community, particularly the Forum.

Official Contacts Michael Ònff (Forum)

The International of Left-wing Parties (ILP) was a political international containing parties of varying left-wing positions, for the purposes of preserving left-wing politics and making official statements on behalf of all members.


Plans for a socialist international started in February 2015 between Rilgar Ompastre, Joseph Puglisi, and Michael Ònff. The three discussed via Skype, planning a "paleosocialist" international which rejected New Left ideologies, which focus less on economic issues and more on social issues. Ònff and Ompastre criticized modern Left ideas, such as multiculturalism and identity politics, arguing they were divisive and detracted from labor interests. The project was eventually scrapped.

On 16 April 2015, a new Skype room was opened, initially containing Ompastre, Ònff, and Maxxwell I of Zelcia Royaume, with the purpose of planning a broader organization, which would accept most Left-wing parties, as defined by a Charter member parties would need to ratify. The new project was primarily driven by the concerns of the original organizers that the political Right had become unchecked in the MicroWiki Community and the Left needed unity in order to improve Left-leaning states.

On 28 May 2015, the ILP was officially established when the founding parties ratified the ILP Charter. The Assembly of Delegates continued to meet on Skype until until 4 July 2015, when it moved operations to the MicroWiki Forums.

Membership at dissolution

Country Party Abbr. Delegate Government
 Republic of Akebar Balätapalet Pöpa Leykbaränik BPL Rilgar Ompastre (President) Yes in government
 Republic of Covanellis Social Democratic Party of Covanellis SDPC Bailey McCahon (President) Yes in government
 Greater Ridd Provisional Party of Greater Ridd PPGR Dafydd Jones (Imperial Director-General) Yes in government
 Grémmia Grémmian Labor Party GLP Michael Ònff (Captain regent) junior party in government
 Humanytaria Presidency of Humanytaria PH Radia I (President) Yes in government
 Archduchy of Kelman Raymond Order RO Liam Raymond (Archduke) Yes in government
 Republic of Malavnia Social Democratic Party of Malavnia SDPM Dragošlav Križ (Prime Minister) Yes in government
 Independent Province of Mancunia Royal Party of Mancunia Monarchist James I (Duke of The Den) junior party in government
 Empire of Paravia Imperial Government of Paravia IGP Patrick (I) Renwick (Emperor) Yes in government
 Ijivate of Rikuchar Freedom Left Party JGGR Netwafekzră I (Ijiv) junior party in government
 Sorrenian Federation Unified Sorrenian Workers Party USWP Miles of Sorrenia (President) Yes in government
 Usian Republic Independent Usian Leftists' Party IULP Gabriel Pelger (Head of Executive) junior party in government
 Valkadia Valkadian Democratic Socialist Party VDSP Cianan (President) Yes in government
 Empire of Victoria All Parties EOV Mason Ansari (Prime Minister) Yes in government
 United Socialist Region of Zelcia Royaume Government of Zelcia Royaume GZR Maxxwell I (Roi) Yes in government

Via the Party of the International Left

Country Party Abbr. Delegate Government
 Abeldane Empire New Democratic Party of Abelden NDPA Andrew Janiszewski in government
 Hortania Party of the Hortanian Left PHL Andrew Janiszewski Yes in government
 Saint-Castin Progressive Party PPU Dominic Desaintes in government
 Sorrenian Federation New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia NDLP Andrew Janiszewski No in opposition at time of dissolution (Defunct)
 Suntrain Socialist Party of Suntrain (Inactive) SPS Yes in government
 Zirconic Party of the Zirconian Left PZL Andrew Janiszewski Yes in government

Members which left the ILP

Country Party Abbr. Delegate Government at time of withdrawal
 Bromenia (defunct) Bromeni Workers Party BWP Mattias Kočjek (President) Yes in government at time of dissolution
 Humanytaria Peace Front PYP Grace Nelson (Current minister of culture) junior party in government
 Humanytaria Socialist Originals ORLS No delegate appointed junior party in government
 Republic of Mcarthia Mcarthian Working Democratic Party MWDP Anthony Clark (President) Yes in government
 Nedland (defunct) Labour Party of Nedland LPN Ned Gunderson (President) Yes in government at time of dissolution
 Tsardom of Vjéší (defunct) Environmental Co-operation of Vjesi ECV Stewart Smith (Tsar) Yes in government at time of dissolution