Socialist Party of Suntrain

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Socialist Party of Suntrain
AnthemThe Internationale
Founded31 October 2013
HeadquartersGlory, STSO
Youth wingYoung Socialists
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Left-wing populism
International affiliationParty of the International Left
Official colours     Red
5 / 8
House of Representatives
5 / 7
Party flag
SPS Party flag.png

The Socialist Party of Suntrain known as SPS and as the Socialist Party, is a democratic socialist party in the Republic of Suntrain. The Socialist Party is currently the only party in Suntrain, and thus occupies all seats available in national legislature. The SPS is the first party established in Suntrain and is credited to creating the nation and strengthening its position where it currently is in the micronational community. It was previously known as the Communist Party of Suntrain.


The Socialist Party of Suntrain was founded on the 31st October, 2013, as the Communist Party of Suntrain. Its founder, created the Republic of Suntrain, and is its first general-secretary. After the constitution of the nation was signed on 1 November, the CPS submitted an application to be registered as the first Suntrainien political party. It remained this way up to one day after to signing the constitution, which the constitution mentioned was the deadline for creation of any new parties. The CPS therefore won the first election by default, and became the first President of the Republic. His deputy was Dat Nguyen, who was appointed as the Minister of Defence. As Suntrain grew older, the CPS signed alliance with nations, as well as progressing its ideology of fair rights, freedom of religion and press, as well as environmental protection with the passing of several new laws. In mid-November, Suntrain declared war on the Grand Duchy of Westarctica after it posed a threat to its ally, Chico's, territory and reputation. The CPS was then re-named the Socialist Party of Suntrain during the war to establish its democratic socialist ideology which it set out to create since formation. briefly spoke about the topic, saying "we have same motives, but a different name". In late December 2013, a constitutional referendum was passed, establishing a bicameral Parliament with 15 seats. As the SPS was still the sole party in the country, it won all of them and asserted its power of the nation. As the war progressed and new legislation was looking to be passed, made the decision to fire two founding members of the party, because of communication issues, and thus lost them their seats in Parliament. Dat Nguyen and Nikola Gorgioski were replaced with Eddie Osmanovic, Sean Lu, Sam Mathew and Thomas Pace. These were all friends of , who expressed interest to join and were thus admitted. As Mr Nguyen was the Vice President before his departure, the position was left vacant. The Vice Presidential election was then committed, with Mr Mathew being to only candidate. He won the role, and continued the path for Suntrain's development with the SPS.