Constitution of the Republic of Suntrain

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Constitution of the Republic of Suntrain
Coat of arms of Suntrain
Coat of arms of Suntrain
Created May–September 2014
Ratified 8 September 2014
Location Glory, STSO, Suntrain
Signers Constituent Assembly

The Constitution of the Republic of Suntrain is the supreme law of the Republic of Suntrain. Ratified on 8 September 2014, the Constitution replaced the old Suntrainien Constitution, which was in use since the establishment of the country. The constitution was written wholly byand adopted by the Constituent Assembly on the day which is now known as Constitution Day. The Constitution outlines how the Republic is to be governed, and outlines provisions regarding the Parliament, President, Supreme Court, and other organs.


Following the legislative and executive ambiguity and ineffectiveness created by the old constitution, President began drafting a new document to replace the old one. As the previous constitution was written by a politically-inexperienced at the time, the Constitution had little to no use in governing the nation. Instead, most procedures which are now confirmed by the present constitution were previously convention.

The idea of a new constitution had emerged as early as late 2013, but was instead compromised in the form of an amendment. These two amendments, concerning the legislature and the Supreme Court were ineffective as well, as they still didn't explain and resolve certain problems created by the previous constitution. In the period up to the ratification of the current constitution, many disputes were held between political organs, as the previous constitution failed to explain the relationships between branches of government.

When the new constitution was finally completed, the Constituent Assembly was formed which consisted of two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives at that time. A provision in the soon-to-be adopted Constitution required to be minimum of two delegates to the Assembly from each state. All the delegates belonged to the Socialist Party of Suntrain. The Constitution was signed and ratified quite quickly, in less than a week of the creation of the Assembly. President declared the new constitution adopted on the evening of 8 September.


The constitution consists of the preamble and seven chapters. Each chapter is sub-divided into sections, which is further subdivided into sub-sections. The constitution features 10632 words, spanning 19 pages.


The preamble to the Constitution outlines the cause of the establishment of the constitution, as well as the purpose and scope of it. The preamble starts with the words "Whereas the Republic of Suntrain, free and independent,", signifying the sovereignty of the Republic and stating what virtues the Republic was made for. It states that "the Republic was built on principles of freedom, equality, justice, democracy and unity". This signifies the objectives that the the Republic was built to be governed on. It then goes on to mention "We the People of the Republic", stating that sovereignty belongs to the people and that the constitution was approved by them. The preamble next mentions what the people are striving for and ends by saying "hereby establish the Constitution of the Republic of Suntrain"