Suntrainien House of Representatives

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House of Representatives of the Republic of Suntrain
TypeLower house of Suntrainien Parliament
Members7 Representatives
Composition of parliament.png
political groups
committeesInternal Affairs Committee
Financial Affairs Committee
voting systemMixed member proportional representation
Meeting place
Parliament House, Glory

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Suntrain is the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Suntrain, the upper house being the Senate

The House of Representatives currently consists of seven Representatives who are elected every two years using Mixed Member Proportional Representation. The House of Representatives, like most lower houses in parliamentary systems shares a greater deal of power than its upper counterpart.

Having the confidence of more than half of the Representatives is required for the Government to govern, as it is responsible to the House. The House of Representatives in addition to enacting and introducing most legislation can also pass a vote of no confidence against the Government or impeach the President.

The House is presided by the Speaker, who is currently , who took office on 1 November 2013.