Party of the International Left

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Party of the International Left
ChairmanRozalia Janiszewski
Founded16/10/14 (as the Social Democrats International)
08/04/15 (as the Party of the International Left)
Membership (parties)10
Ideology • Socialism
 • Social democracy
 • Communism
 • Liberalism
 • Big tent
Political positionCentre-left to Far-left
ColorsOrange, red, emerald green

Party of the International Left

The Party of the International Left (French: Partie de la Gauche Internationale) is an international political party with "branches" or, more officially, sub-parties, in 7 nations; Sorrenia, Zirconic, Abelden, Hortania, Sinoland, St. Charlie and Suntrain. The Chairperson of the PIL is Andrew Janiszewski, however every sub-party has the right to elect its own party leader. The PIL is a bilingual organization - English and French being the official languages. Although in general, the PIL is a political party that works to support its sub-parties in elections, there are several nations in which there are two or more PIL sub-parties, which will sometimes contest each other in elections. In these cases, the PIL as an organization will not interfere in an election so as to not show favouritism, however will urge citizens to vote for one of the parties, depending on their personal preference.


Social Democrats International

The Social Democrats International - formed on 16 October 2014 - was a small organization, indented to bring social democratic parties together as one. The first SDI sub-party to gain notoriety/success in a micronation was the New Democratic Party of Sorrenia, which has gone through various name changes, originally being the Liberty Party and currently being called the Democratic-Liberty Party. The NDP helped to establish the first effective opposition in Sorrenian politics and set a precedent for SDI sub-parties to start making political gains elsewhere.

In Zirconic - a micronation founded by SDI's leader, Janiszewski - political parties had been banned entirely for a very long time, but eventually they were established with a New Democratic Party being born into a hegemonic 14/25 seats on the Federal Council. With the success of these two parties, Janiszewski decided to reduce administrative bureaucracy and increase international influence by uniting those parties, and later, three more, under the SDI banner.

This historic link with Social Democracy can still be seen in the PIL, as several of the parties still retain the name "New Democratic Party", based off the New Democratic Party of Canada, however the PIL also allows parties of other left-wing beliefs to join the organization.

Party of the International Left

After political shifts in Janiszewski's personal ideology towards Democratic Socialism and a decline in the membership of SDI, it was decided that having a party that was limited to Social Democrats was generally not as successful as SDI could be. As a result, SDI was reformed as the PIL, a party which focuses on a "big tent" ideology, and encourages a diverse crowd of left-wing parties. Additionally, with the new membership of the Progressive Party-Unionists in St. Charlie, the Communist Party in Hortania and the Workers Party in Sorrenia, the NDP hegemony and the standard of Janiszewski leading most sub-parties was changed greatly. The PIL is much more diverse than the SDI had been, shown through the bilingual nature of the newly reformed party.


Country Party Name Logo Leader Ideologies Position In government? Seats in the Legislature
Seats in the lower house Seats in the upper house
Amon Lasgalen Flag.png Amon Lasgalen Co-operative Party
Centre-left No in opposition
1 / 3
Red flag.png People's Republic of Dale Dale Communist Party Far-left Yes in government
26 / 31
Akkoflag.png Islamic Emirate of Acre Labor Zionist Party Eli Barak Centre-left No in opposition
4 / 37
Northumbria Flag.png Kingdom of Northumbria Socialist Party NorthumbrianSocialistPartyLogo.png Martin Aquinas Left No in opposition
11 / 41
4 / 25
Current Zirconian Flag.jpg Republic of Zirconic Party of the Zirconian Left Left Yes In government
1 / 4

Previous members

Country Name Government Seats in Legislature Notes
Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire New Democratic Party of Abelden No in opposition
4 / 15
Sinoland.jpg Republic of Sinoland New Democratic Party of Sinoland No in opposition
3 / 11
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia NDLP No in opposition
7 / 49
1529.png Republic of Suntrain Socialist Party of Suntrain Yes senior party in coalition
11 / 15
Flag stcharlie.png Federal Republic of St.Charlie The Progressive Party - Unionists (St.Charlie) junior party in coalition
1 / 10
Current Zirconian Flag.jpg Republic of Zirconic Party of the Zirconian Left Yes In government
15 / 19
Holds 1st and 2nd Zastupnik