Grand Principality of Sinoland

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Grand Principality of Sinoland

Coat of arms
Motto: Placæ Tranquile
(Tranquil Places)
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch
GovernmentParliamentary monarchy
• Monarch
Nuri I
• Prime Minister
Establishment6 June 2014 (as Peliquintia SSR)
• Census
Time zoneUTC+01:00
This nation is a federal state in the Abeldane Empire

The Grand Principality of Sinoland, more commonly known simply as Sinoland, is a federal state in the Abeldane Empire. It is ruled by a grand prince, presently Nuri I, since 29 July 2016 after the abdication of Emiel I as Grand Prince.

Before Abeldane influence, Sinoland was mainly a Facebook-only micronation with close ties to Hortania. One of its parties was a member of the Party of the International Left (PIL). Then, in 2014, it joined the American Micronational Cooperation (AMC), but several months later it merged with Hortania to create the United Republic of Hortania and Sinoland. However, the two split in 2016, and Hortania and Sinoland became independent of each other again. Sinoland became independent once more under a new monarchy, led by Stephen I & II, who became the new King of Sinoland and Ned Gunderson becoming his new Prime Minister. After a referendum, Sinoland joined Abelden and became a federal state.

In May 2016, it fell under Abeldane influence, and then joined the Abeldane Commonwealth due to this.


The word 'Sinoland' comes from the word 'Sino-', which is a 3-word prefix used for referring China. Sinoland was founded under Socialism and was therefore name Sinoland by Donald West.