American Micronational Co-operation

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American Micronational Co-operation
Official logo
Lorem patruus Robertus
Headquarters Alexton, Abelden

Official language English

Membership 4 delegates

Establishment 28 January 2015

Diestablishment 24 April 2016

Secretary-General HIRM Emperor Stephen of Abelden

The American Micronational Co-operation, abbreviated as AMC, is a micronational organisation for micronations located on the Pan American continent. Founded on the 28 January 2015, AMC aims to promote diplomacy, culture and peace between the Pan-American micronations and to help develop new micronations in the area. The AMC was formally disestablished on the 24 April 2016 after a decision made by the Secretary-General, Stephen I & II, because of the inactivity that has been going on straight since June 2015.


The American Micronational Co-operation was originally proposed by Emperor Stephen of Abelden, and after a quick discussion with Donald, Duke of Pleston, the organization was established under the name North American Micronational Co-operation or abbreviated as NORTH-AM. The goal first was to promote diplomacy and peace in the North American area, but soon was changed into promoting diplomacy and peace throughout the entire Pan-American region.


AMC's purpose is to promote and encourage diplomacy throughout the entire region and intergovernmental co-operation among the Pan-American micronations. AMC does not undertake organisational initiatives. Instead, it provides communications and friendship with the nations.

Member nations

Listed below are the members of the American Micronational Co-operation. Members are granted full permission on discussions within the organisation. Each member is allowed to nominate one representative, usually the head of state, to the AMC General Council.

Flag Nation Joined Notes Delegate
Abeldane Empire 28 January 2015 Initial member. HIRM Emperor Stephen
Republic of Sinoland 28 January 2015 Initial member. Donald, Duke of Pleston
Republic of Zirconic 28 January 2015 Initial member. Andrew Janiszewski
Kingdom of Legatia 28 January 2015 Initial member. HIRM The Former Empress Rachel I[1]
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor 5 May 2015 HRM King Connor Stumperth I, KCST
Kid United Republic 5 May 2015 President Jackson P. Cole
Federated States of America 5 May 2015 None
Nationalist Republic of the North Atlantic 5 May 2015 President Parker J. McCauley
Faction System of Estremitá 5 May 2015 Councilor Kyle Williams


References and notes

  1. Appointed on the 15 February 2015.

American Micronational Co-operation

Abelden Legatia Sinoland Zirconic

StephenRachel IDonald, Duke of PlestonAndrew Janiszewski