Nationalist Republic of the North Atlantic

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The Nationalist Republic of the North Atlantic
NRNA Flag November 1st, 2015.png
NRNA Coat of Arms.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: Veni, Vidi, Vici (Latin: I came, I saw, I conquered)
Anthem: N/A
File:New England Region of the United Sates
Largest cityConcord
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)NRNA Citizen
GovernmentNationalist Republic
• President
Parker J. McCauley
• Vice-President
Collin Maloney
EstablishmentDecember 13th, 2014
• (as of September 13th, 2015) census
CurrencyThe NRNA Dollar and USD
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
This nation is a member of the United Micronations

The Nationalist Republic of the North Atlantic is a micronation founded on December 13, 2014 by President Parker J. McCauley, Vice-President Collin Maloney, and Minister of the Interior Ben Roy in Concord, NH in the United States.


A few years before the foundation of the state, the future founders were planning and and working together to get to power in some ways when the now president discovered micronationalism. He soon followed along, realizing that it was the thing he had been searching for, and after many weeks of research and preparation they finally declared independence.

The NRNA was officially founded on December 13, 2014 and its constitution started to be drafted about a month later. Diplomatic relations were opened in March with the Joining of the United Micronations. In April new relations were opened with outside states.

Government and politics

The Government of the NRNA is currently in an early form, the Parliament has yet to be formed and the state is officially in a state of martial law until it can work exactly as planned. President Parker J. McCauley currently holds most of the power in the state including the power of several appointed ministers.

There are currently five Ministries in The NRNA. The Ministry of Culture and Civil Affairs, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of the Economy, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of The Interior.

Law and order

The NRNA is currently using its early form of government until sufficient size is achieved so the military handles policing and the president is taking the role of judge, in the juries are regular citizens.

Foreign relations

The NRNA is a member of the United Micronations and recognizes all member states.


The NRNA Army has 15 soldiers making up 37.5% of the population along with the doctrine of People's army bringing the figure to lamost the entire populace. Armaments are currently air soft privately owned weapons and knives, The Rifles planned to be acquired are mosin-nagants for militias, and AK-47/74 and RPK's for Regular Troops. Also in the works is getting Several T-55 and T-72 Main Battle Tanks.

Geography and climate

The NRNA is mainly situated in parts of coastal New England, and has a broad climate.


The economy of the NRNA is currently at a standstill with virtually no change. $2,500 USD are in the treasury and it will start industry soon. However small gains have happened with 1/5 of the treasury being set towards military growth and $200 have been spent on gear in September 2015. The government is doing work on building up an industry and market however.