Federal Republic of Zirconic

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Current Zirconian Flag.jpg
Federal Socialist Republic of Zirconic
National Anthem:
Dear Zirconic
Let the light of life, love and liberty shine upon them all
Capital Norhaven

Official languages English

Denomyn Zirconian

Government Federal Socialist Republic
Prime Minister Vacant
President Rozalia Janiszewska
Supreme Justice Vacant

Legislature Parliament
-Type Unicameral
Seats 3

– Formation November 1, 2009
– Refoundation January 1st, 2020

Area claimed 251.22 square kilometres

Population 4

Currency Canadian dollar ($)

Drives on the Right

Military Zirconian Federal Armed Forces

Date formats Zirconian calendar

The Federal Socialist Republic of Zirconic is a micronation and sovereign republic consisting of 2 Provinces and 1 Territory, located throughout Canada, founded on November 1, 2009, by Rozalia Janiszewska. It is one of the longest-surviving micronations in its diplomatic circle. The Republic has gone through many periods of turmoil and refoundation, most recently being refounded on January 1st, 2019, by its original founder, Rozalia Janiszewska.


As a child, Rozalia Janiszewska admired the name of a mineral called zirconia. Zirconia is a mineral similar to diamonds that is used in the making of faux diamond rings, because it is much cheaper to harvest and to morph. Although this seems like a strange name for the beginning of the country, it does signify one thing; like Zirconia to the diamond, Zirconic works to prove that although most people in the world see Zirconic as second-place to macronations, Zirconic will not back down until they earn their rightful respect.


The Republic's history can be divided into three eras: Founding, Peak, and Refoundation.

Founding (2009-2013)

One November night in 2009, Rozalia Janiszewska was doing 6th Grade social homework with her father. It was a mapping activity. Seeing his daughter to be bored, Tim Janewski, who would eventually become a citizen of Zirconic, often taking a role in the governance of Zirconic, decided to tell his daughter stories about the micronations he had heard of. One of the micronations he spoke of was The Principality of Sealand. Roza was so inspired by the story of Sealand, she decided it was time to create her own nation: Zirconic. She along with her three pets, Flamey,(a newt), Ziggy,(an African dwarf frog) and Wiggy, (another African dwarf frog), along with her best friend, Aug Dahlgren, became the founding members of this great nation. From there on, Zirconic grew to new heights, from a nation of 5 citizens, to a peak population of 34 citizens. Currently, Zirconic only has 4 citizens, as it was only recently refounded after years of inactivity. The early years of the Republic saw an alliance with the nation Republic of Styrka and conflict with the enemies of Styrka. Janiszewska would later distance the nation from Styrka and begin to reconcile with other nations that had been considered hostile, helping to found the Intermicronational Court of Justice.

Peak (2013-2016)

The peak era of the Republic lasted for several years and saw the expansion of the Republic's population to 34 citizens and much closer ties to other micronations. In this era, the Republic became close to such nations as Kaleido, the MOCC, Sandus, Sinoland, Hortania, Sorrenia, and Abelden. The Party of the Intermicronational Left saw its influence expand beyond Zirconic, influencing politics in Hortania and Sorrenia especially. There were many proposals to merge Zirconic with other nations, and, officially, near the end of the Republic's second era, Zirconic did merge with the nations Hortania, Sorrenia, Monovia, and Gran Pais to create the super-state, the Northumbrian Confederation. However, many of the politicians involved, such as Damian Billbrough and Rozalia Janiszewska, were near the end of their micronational careers at this point and did not have the energy to finish the project, and the Northumbrian Confederation and Zirconic itself fell into inactivity.

Refounding (2020-present)

This newest era of the Republic started on January 1st, 2020, with the refounding of the Republic by the founder of Zirconic, Rozalia Janiszewska. The new era has seen the re-writing of the constitution, the re-organising of territorial claims, and the refounding of the Party of the Intermicronational Left.

Government and Politics

The Zirconian government consists of three branches; executive, legislative, and judicial. The following are positions in the government: 1 President, 1 Prime Minister, 3 Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers (fluctuating/indeterminate number). 2 Premiers, 1 Governors, 1 Supreme Justice.

Law and Order

Zirconic does not have its own independent court currently, and almost entirely relies on the Canadian judicial system in terms of serious crimes; however, the Supreme Justice has certain limited judicial abilities and has taken judicial action on at least one occasion. The only crimes in Zirconic are violence other than self-defense.


Previously, the Zirconian government disbanded the People's Liberation Army of Zirconic in favour of solving situations diplomatically and, for several years, despite participating in the "micronational Cold War" between Styrka, Zirconic and the MUPP on one side and far-left states like Marksovska and Frieden on the other, the plan to not have a military worked out. However, years ago, with virtual insurgencies on the rise and at least one of Zirconic's closest allies (GRAAS) being successfully invaded and the government overthrown, the government approved the rebirth of the PLA. The People's Liberation Army began focusing on working with Operation Sol Rojo, a "micronational NATO", if you will, filled with several of Zirconic's closest allies, in order to predict and prevent virtual insurgencies and foreign-sponsored revolutions. The PLA was again disbanded with the collapse of the Republic several years ago. The government has plans to reconstruct the military but for now, Zirconic is without one.


The majority of Zirconic's citizens reside in Canada, and as such, Zirconian culture is essentially just an extension of Canadian culture. However, there are a few differences; Zirconic allows any citizen whatsoever to join as a citizen. There has never been a case of a citizen being rejected. Granted, the government retains the right to expel any citizen deemed unworthy of Zirconian citizenship, but this is an aspect most find highly admirable. Zirconic is also a very pacifistic place; there have been no reports of violence in Zirconic, and there will likely never be any.


The Federal Republic of Zirconic is a federation, with three total levels of administration; federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal. The Republic currently consists of 2 Provinces and 1 Territory, located within the Canadian province of Alberta.

Province and their cities

Flag Name of Claim Type of Administrative Division Notes

Main State flag.jpg Mainstadt Province Main State is the cultural capital of Zirconic and the most populous territory in Zirconic. Government Office and the military's command bunker are both located partially underground here.

Questionmark.png City of Norhaven Municipality Norhaven is the capital of the Republic of Zirconic. It is the site of Zirconic's founding and the residence of the Prime Minister.

Questionmark.png Province of Milosc Province Milosc is the newest Province in the Republic and is the residence of the President as well as several other citizens.
Questionmark.png City of Milosc Municipality Milosc is the capital of Milosc Province.

Territories and their cities

Flag Name of Territory Type of Administrative Division Notes

Questionmark.png Mountain Meadow National Park Territory Mountain Meadow National Park is both a Territory and Zirconic's only national park or nature reserve. MMNP is a scenic area near the mountains

where several prominent Zirconians have gone on fishing trips.

Questionmark.png Wildrose City Municipality Wildrose City is a small part of Mountain Meadow National Park that serves as a temporary settlement during trips by Zirconian citizens, and also as the capital of Mountain Meadow National Park as a Territory.

A map of all of Zirconic's claims: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pgg0fVOWccMGucOzt62TWbBEARRgM2-G&usp=sharing

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Leader Position Members: Population Seats in Parliament
Zirconian Party of the Left Party of the International Left logo.jpg Andrew Janiszewski Left-wing
1 / 4
0 / 3

Independent Independent voter.jpg N/A Varies
3 / 4
0 / 3

Foreign Relations

Zirconic has positive relations with many micronations. Here is a list:

Zirconic recognizes, and has relations with many Micronations. It also recognizes every member in the U.N. as well as many Macronations with disputed Macronational Legitimacy (such as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic).

Zirconic also has active relations with many Micronations. In its later years, it has made a strong effort to be a positive impact in the community. It has made efforts to form strong relationships with several micronations, such as Hortania, Sorrenia and Sinoland. These alliances lasted for several years, although these three nations no longer exist at this point.


  • Carolina flag.jpg Kingdom of Carolina

Full Relations

Recognized: (No relations)