National Socialist Republic of Ustandovesgrav

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The National Socialist Republic of Ustandovesgrav
Coat of arms
Motto: Vorwärts zu Endsieg! (German: Onward to Final Victory!)
Anthem: Heil, the Final Victory is Near!
File:Northern Alberta and Lower Nunavut, Canada
CapitalUmplegrav, Umpleswich
Largest cityBolfanga, Umpleswich
Official languagesEnglish, German, WingDings (Political Documents)
GovernmentFascist Monarchy (former Republic)
• Emperor
Kaiser Franklin L. Boboroski
• Fuhrer
The Right Honourable Nathaniel Ridderikhoff
• Chief of Defence Staff
Admiral General J. Weber
LegislatureFive House Imperial Court (Ubergang, Untergang, Gruberhaus, Meyerhausen, Umplehausen)
• (as of 2015 Oath to the Empire) census
CurrencyThe Umplemark
Time zoneGMT
Website (Party Email)
This nation is a member of the Micronational Federation of Economically Convergent International Imperial Fascist States (MARVIN)

The National Socialist Republic of Ustandovesgrav (oo-stam-doe-ves-grav) is a micronation founded on March 30, 2012 with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of legislation in Canada, while righting the wrongs of former violent deviations from the true right-wing economically driven, fascist system originally penned by Anton Drexler.


After the Great Enlightenment of 2011, members of various Northern Canadian communities declared their intentions to succeed from Canada, due to the Great Corruption (liberal ideology) spreading through their beloved nation. Though Ustandovesgrav had yet to be recognized by Canada, in 2012 the First Sitting of the Imperial Court officially proclaimed Ustandovesgrav a sovereign nation. Just two states (Bulfanga Cassar and Umpleswich, each consisting of four smaller Provinces) formed the original Fascist Empire of the Ustandesians. In 2013, three smaller countries (Albertasia, Rupert's Land, and the Union of Shultzians) were annexed by Ustandovesgrav. Despite the status of these countries as states, they maintain a substantial amount of autonomy, as well as their Monarchies. In 2015, all members of the empire were assembled to swear an Oath of Citizenship to the Kaiser, followed by a morale-building barbeque. In April 2015, three additional houses of government joined the two original houses, the Ubergang and Untergang, in order to encourage political discussions and dissent to be expressed behind closed doors without fear of repercussions.

Government and politics

The NSROU on a political compass.

The NSROU adheres to a non-racist, monarchical derivative of the fascist ideology. Each member country of the Empire has its own unique form of monarchy, which controls the day-to-day affairs of each smaller nation. The subsidiary monarchies each have their own provinces, and thus smaller provincial governments handle more trivial affairs. The Imperial Court of Ustandovesgrav, which controls all political, judicial, and diplomatic aspects of the Empire consists of five houses, the Ubergang, the Untergang, the Gruberhaus, the Meyerhausen, and the Umplehausen. The highest house, the Ubergang, holds all legal executive power, and consists of the Head of State, Government, and Army. The second highest house, the Untergang, holds economic and social authority, The Ubergang can intervene in exceptional circumstances in order to protect the public from poor legislation. The Untergang has three permanent ministers. The third house, the Gruberhaus, is comprised of elected officials which can suggest, debate, and advise the actions of the upper houses. The Gruberhaus has five members, which are elected by the kings of Bulfanga Cassar, Umpleswich, Albertasia, Rupert's land, and the UOS every month. The Meyerhausen can seat up to 100 foreign diplomats, along with the five kings of the Ustandovesgravian countries, mirrors the system of the Gruberhaus, and provides foreign input and cooperation in Ustandovesgravian politics. The lowest house, the Umplehausen, consists of all citizens of the Emperor that wish to participate in politics, and mirrors the other lower houses, providing citizens with the means to express all deviant political beliefs without fear of criminal charges. Arts, culture, day-to-day economics, and other matters are controlled by the civilian population, keeping to the right-wing nature of the NSROU, and pay minimal taxes.

Foreign relations

The Coat of Arms of the Imperial Grand Duchy of Ludenwic, Ally of the NSROU

Recognized Nations: Grémmia, Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic, Canada, and Germany


Mutual Protection Pacts:

Foreign Diplomats in Meyerhausen:


States which are unrecognized: United States of America, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Great Britain


Despite the non-violent tendencies of Ustandovesgrav, increased hostilities with the Communist Party of Alberta has forced the formation of a small militia, the Ustandesian Defensive Command, which serves only as an unarmed deterrent. The current Chief of Defence Staff is Admiral General Nathaniel Ridderikhoff.

Geography and climate

The Canada Goose, the National Animal of the Empire.

As part of the Canadian Boreal Forest, large spruce forests make up the majority of the Empire, along with some small, rocky portions of the Canadian shield. The temperature mode for the summer is approximately 32 degrees Celsius, and -40 in the winter months. Snow is prevalent from late October until early May, which severely limits agricultural production.


The economy of Ustandovesgrav is Capitalist, and is unregulated by the government except in circumstances of national importance. Companies encouraged to produce products needed by the government through lucrative temporary Imperial Monopolies, which usually need to be renewed every month. Social programs are not government funded in Ustandovesgrav. Instead, members of society that cannot support themselves are sponsored through philanthropy organizations, which in turn is funded through UstanAdd, a generous advertising conglomerate which currently holds an advertising monopoly. Monopolies are rarely granted, and can only be renewed for 6 consecutive months before the market is opened again to competitors, with monopoly rights in that area suspended for a year. These cycles encourage companies to diversify production, creating more opportunities for economic competition. Only three monopolies are granted at any given time, ensuring the market remains as open, while government needs are filled.


Ustandovesgrav is the host nation of the Micronational Federation of Economically Convergent International Imperial Fascist States (MARVIN), a Far-Right Trading/Political Bloc created with the goal of increasing the political and economic power of the member states through mutual cooperation. See MARVIN for more information


A Pickelhaube.

The culture of Ustandovesgrav mirrors that of the former Kingdom of Prussia, with Pickelhauben indicating the political and military status of individuals based on design intricacies. Prussian military marches such as Prussian Glory are performed quite regularly. The nationalist identity of Prussia has also been embraced by many citizens. A distinct Ustandesian culture has yet to emerge, due to the extreme resistance to change inherent in Ustandesians.


The media is controlled by the Ministry of Propaganda, which in turn is controlled by the Minister of Propaganda. The media tends to be positive, and community oriented. Due to the policies of the ministry, no media is presented in such a way that would encourage a personality cult to develop regarding any government official. This is due to the Ustandesian belief that Ustandovesgrav is much greater than any individual, and therefore only Ustandovesgrav should be esteemed in such a manner. Foreign journalists are provided with pre-prepared online press releases, which can be requested via the party email address.

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