Pacific Roman Empire

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Pacific Roman Empire
Pacificus Imperium Romanum
Coat of arms
Motto: Roma Aeternum (Latin)
"Eternal Rome"
Anthem: "God Save The Emperor"

Highlighted in gold: General location where dependent territories are found.
CapitalNone official
Vancouver (de facto)
Official languagesEnglish,French,Latin
GovernmentConfederal absolute monarchy
• Emperor
LegislatureImperial Diet
Establishment5 November 2020
• Census
CurrencyThaler (de jure)
Canadian Dollar (de facto)
Time zonePacific Standard Time (PT)

The Pacific Roman Empire, officially the Pacific Roman Empire of the Canadian Nation, was a short lived North American micronation that was established in 2020. It was a multi-ethnic confederation that claimed multiple enclaves of territory in coastal British Columbia.