Western Canada sector

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Western Canada sector
Flag of Canada
General information
LocatedWestern Canada
Sector founded2020
Sector founded bySuverska
Nations in area4 active,
13 inactive
Notable people in areaArctic Skulk

TheWestern Canada sector is a term used to categorise micronations located in Western Canada. The term was first used by the Republic of Suverska in 2020, and there are currently only four active micronations in the sector.

List of nations

Map of the active micronations in the Western Canada sector, as of July 2020.

Nations are coloured according to their government type, as follows:

Active nations

List of active micronations in the Western Canada sector
Arms Flag State Capital Pop. Area Location
JehovahCOA.png JehovahFlag.png Jehovah Shawsburg 1 0.01 km2
(0.0039 sq mi)
2020 Suverskan Arms.png 2020 Suverska Flag.png Suverska Paskrai 40 5.91 km2
(2.28 sq mi)
VISSR State Emblem.png Flag of the VISSR.png VISSR Dustingrad 7 0.13 km2
(0.050 sq mi)
Insigne incognitum.svg Current Zirconian Flag.jpg Zirconic Norhaven 4 251.22 km2
(97.00 sq mi)

Inactive nations

List of inactive micronations in the Western Canada sector
Arms Flag State Capital Existed Pop. Area Location
Insigne incognitum.svg Flag of the Antiquitian Empire.jpeg Antiquitian Empire None 2012–2013 9 3,821 km2
(1,475 sq mi)
Insigne incognitum.svg Fkna.png Cornland Capital District 2017–2019 3 Unknown AB
DelCavCoA.jpg DelCavFlag.jpg Deloraine-Cavers Küchenstadt 2007–2012 11 0.01 km2
(0.0039 sq mi)
Insigne incognitum.svg TromoFlag.jpg Durkadurkagradstania Vokinhsalk 2006-2010 22 Unknown SK
COAKOL.gif Flag of The Kingdom of Goepel.png Goepel Adamstown 2015–2016 34 Unknown BC
Coat of arms of Grunkia.png Grunkia.png Grunkia New Rome 2011–2013 10 0.04 km2
(0.015 sq mi)
Insigne incognitum.svg Coolflagofcoolness.png Hinderland New Hinder 2019–2019 1 Unknown BC
Insigne incognitum.svg Mex.png Mexania None 2012-2014 6 Unknown BC
Insigne incognitum.svg Kingdom of Thorp.jpg Thorp None 2018–2020 16 Unknown BC
Coat of arms of Prairiland.png Flag of Prairiland.svg Prairiland Grassbanks 2019–2019 6 Unknown AB
Us coat of arms.png Nsroutoyoutoo.jpg Ustandovesgrav Umplegrav 2012-2015 92 200 km2
(77 sq mi)
Vikesland Arms.jpg Vikeslandflag.jpg Vikesland Royal Ranchlands 2005–2018 317 6.50 km2
(2.51 sq mi)
Insigne incognitum.svg Unknown Flag Symbol.jpg Zårconia None 2018–2018 16 0.01 km2
(0.0039 sq mi)

Timeline of nations

Kingdom of JehovahFederal Republic of ZirconicVancouver Island Soviet Socialist RepublicThe Hinderland empireFederation of PrairilandKingdom of ThorpThe Sovereign Princedom of ZåRconiaSecond Republic of CornlandKingdom of GoepelRepublic of SuverskaAntiquitian EmpireNational Socialist Republic of UstandovesgravFederal Republic of GrunkiaFederal Republic of ZirconicEmpire of Deloraine-CaversNation of DurkadurkagradstaniaJarldom of Vikesland