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The Twitter Sector,[a] also known as micronationalist Twitter,[1] is the virtual community (sector) of mostly micronationalists who use the social media website Twitter to make posts surrounding micronational diplomacy, events, issues and other ongoings of interest to the micronational community. Most micronationalists that use Twitter belong to other sectors, often the MicroWiki and Facebook sectors, and primarily use the social network to post news and updates regarding their own micronations. However, a minority of micronations exist and operate solely on Twitter, utilising the service's group chat feature to create private venues that can be used for governmental meetings and discussion forums of Twitter Sector-based intermicronational organisations.

User base


The Twitter Sector is diverse, consisting of a wide range of micronationalists and micronations, and several subsectors within it. Generally speaking, most micronations that exist and operate solely on Twitter are considered largely simulationist (in classical micropatriology) or "non-serious" and "LARP-y" by most secessionists. Most casual Twitter users are members of other sectors, usually the MicroWiki and Facebook sectors, while most exclusively Twitter-based micronations are active in the Instagram sector, creating an overlap between micronationalists who use both Twitter and Instagram exclusively. Many are also active in the Discord Sector. The sectors with the least overlap with the Twitter Sector are the Reddit, YouTube and Amino Sectors, although the latter two are largely isolated from any sector.


According to a study of 399 micronations on Twitter by Zabëlle Skye (conducted between 20 September–1 October 2022), the most common government system was that of a republic, making up 38% of micronations on Twitter. This was followed by a principality (25%), kingdom (21%) and empire (10%). 6% had a different political structure. The same study also found that roughly ~65% of micronations had a centrist ideology;[b] ~15% were right-wing and ~13% left-wing, while some ~5% were far-left and ~2% were far-right.


Trends, such as hastags, are rare. Tweets with #micronations are retweeted by @themicronations (screen name Micronations), an account with 2,000 followers as of October 2022.

The 2022 study from Skye found that the mean average amount of followers was 17, the average number of likes on a tweet was 0.8, and the average number of retweets was 0.2.


Micronations that regularly engage in the sector and have over 300 followers include:


  1. Also spelled Twitter sector.
  2. Counting centre-left and centre-right as centrist.


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