Kyberian Sector

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"Herenolia" redirects here. For the organization of a similar name, see Herenolia Confederation.

The Kyberian Sector (also known as the Arizona Sector, Desert Sector or Harenolian Sector) known microgeographically as Harenolia (Latin: Sandy) is a geo-political/historical term used most commonly to refer to micronations that are located within the physical area encompassing the Arizonian capital of Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs. In a broader sense, the term is also used to describe any micronation located within the U.S. state of Arizona.

The Kyberian province of Victoria


The name Kyberia is derived from the Empire of Kyberia and it's capital of Kyber, which is considered by many within the area to be the de facto "capital" of the sector, as it serves as a cultural/economic hub within the region and as a major trading centre with most physical micronational trade coming either in or out of the state passing through the city at some point.

Early Usage

The term was first coined by micronationalist Charles Ross in early 2018 in order to describe Phokland's position within the physical world. The term quickly gained popularity among the other nations in the area and surpassed the old title of "Desert Sector" that had long been the unofficial "name".

Modern Usage

Flag of the Herenolia Confederation, a YAMO organization with the aim of representing Arizonan micronationalism.

Today, the name is most associated with the Empire of Kyberia and its subsequent colonies. The term has also garnished some controversy with many using the name as a substitute for Kyberian imperialism (ex. "I miss the days when we could make our own decisions, but now that were stuck in the Kyberian Sector we don't decide sh*t").


In mid 2020, the Sun Republic began to publicly denounce the use of "Kyberia" to describe the desert sector. The Sun Republic, being a prominent active power in the region, has taken on the role that the Empire of Kyberia once had.[citation needed]

Nations Within Kyberia

Though the guidelines for what constitutes a "Kyberian" nation is highly contested, most people consider any country within Arizona as fitting the qualifications. However, states that exist in the local Phoenix-Area have self-classified themselves as "Proper Kyberian States" (PKS) in an attempt to differentiate themselves from other micronations in Arizona.

Empire of Kyberia PKS
Kingdom of Krunmark PKS
Grand Emirate of Raphania PKS (Disputed)
Grand Republic of Wuzstria
Rhodesian Empire
Sun Republic
House of DeHerrera PKS