Empire of Kyberia

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Empire of Kyberia


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "In supremacy does the Empire stand"
Anthem: For the Empire
Largest cityErminia City
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor
Emperor James I
• Imperial Minister
Lord John Ellis
LegislatureKyberian Parliament
Establishment13 February 2019
• Census
Undergoing Census
CurrencyUSD, Imperial Credit
Member of the LPN

The Empire of Kyberia, known colloquially as Great Kyberia and historically as Emosia, is a self-declared sovereign state (better known as a micronation) located within the U.S. State of Arizona. Kyberia is made up of several territories in the town of Gilbert. Kyberia is considered a serious micronation, and views itself as the spiritual successor to the British empire. The nation is also highly diplomatic and trade savvy, currently holding deals with several other nations.

The Empire of Kyberia was originally founded on 13 February 2019, however, the people consider the date of the Renovamen Kyberia as the true day of foundation. The people of Kyberia are dedicated to the nation's imperial ways, with the nation's borders constantly expanding. They are however still diplomatic with the other nations within the Kyberian Sector, and has remained in high regard with the nations in the sector.


Since its creation, the state has evolved many times: first from a province to a kingdom, then to an empire and most recently, from Emosia to Kyberia.


Emosia was once a province of the Tsardom of Phokland (now the Phoklandian Free State). Emosia was a strategic military and governmental province under the direct rule of the prime minister of Phokland, which at the time was James Ellis himself.

Kingdom of Emosia

Former flag of the Kingdom of Emosia

Shortly after the foundation of the Tsardom of Phokland, James Ellis had decided to declare the Province of Emosia an independent nation. This idea was condoned by the Tsar of Phokland and on 13 February 2019, James Ellis was coronated as the king of Emosia. In the time that Emosia was a kingdom, many crucial reforms and developments within the nation had occurred, such as the foundation of the emosian parliment, the Emosian-Phoklandian trade agreement, and the acquisition of Vandor.

Empire of Emosia

On 25 March 2019, the Tsardom of Phokland relinquished all Phoklandian territory within the United States of America (with the exception of the Fiefdom of New Prussia and the U.S. Phoklandian Embassy) and gifted the territory to the Kingdom of Emosia. Upon reviving these lands, King James I declared Emosia the Empire of Emosia, and named the lands gifted to Emosia Эллисград (Ellisgrad), Onderon, and Vorherrschaft (Supremacy) (These territories were later renamed).

The Empire of Emosia had then joined the Organisation of Active Micronations, and had began rapidly engaging in diplomatic relations. During this time, the empire had rapidly expanded in size, soon claiming an entirely new shire, which had later been involved in the heated Emosian Civil War. After the signing of the Treaty of Victoria, the Empire of Emosia then underwent rapid militarisation, and had developed several new weapons to satisfy the interests of the Emosian Imperial Military. Soon after, Emosia had introduced the Emosian Dependency Programme in order to help developing micronations grow and flourish under the protection and stability of the Empire. On 12 May 2019, The Crowned Kingdom of Pilarian had agreed to join the Emosian Dependency Programme, becoming the first micronation to join the programme. On 1 June 2019, Emosia, in order to pursue higher legitimacy, had relinquished all claims within the continent of Antarctica, due to seemingly fruitless task to enforce the claim.

Period of Isolationism

Following the collapse of the Organisation of Active Micronations, the Empire of Emosia entered a period of isolationism, in which the empire had closed itself off from all other micronational influence and contact asides from the Phoklandian Free State. During this period, Emosia had undergone serious internal reforms, including how the government ultimately functions. Reforms in military and in the foreign office had also occurred, dictating how the empire may enter foreign relations and how ranks proceed within the military.

The Renovamen and Emergence of Kyberia

On 1 January 2020, the Empire of Emosia was officially "reborn" into the Empire of Kyberia. This had brought about what Emperor James I had called the "Renovamen Kyberia", in which he, with approval from parliament, was allowed to assume the role of absolute monarch for 2 months. During this time he had changed much of the appearance and national symbolism of Kyberia, revitalising the vexillology of nation, and instilling a new sense of nationalism in the nation's people, earning the nation the colloquial term "Great Kyberia".


Emosia is an executive constitutional monarchy under the reign of Emperor James I. Laws can be created by monarch, and must be run through the royal advisor before the law can be put in place. If a law seems detrimental to that of the empire or it's people, the royal advisor can emergency overrule the monarch in order to safeguard the well-being of the nation and it's citizens. However, due to a recent vote of parliament, the current Emperor has been granted the role of absolute monarch until 1 March 2020.


Citizens are represented in the government through the Imperial Minister. The Imperial Minister's job is to gather petitions for changes or additions that the people would like to see within Kyberia. The Imperial Minister then brings the petitions to the parliament, where the law/addition is voted upon. If the law is approved by the Parliament, it will then go to the reigning monarch and royal advisor, where the law will ultimately be set in place, or discarded.

Holders of Government Offices

All holders of government offices within the Empire of Kyberia are appointed by the reigning monarch and royal advisor, with the exception of the Representative of the People and Speaker of the House of Parliament being elected positions. Appointed holders of government offices will hold their position until duty is relived by the reigning monarch. Elections for the Imperial Minister and Speaker of the House of Parliament are held every 5 years. One must be at least the age of 13 to vote.

Current Holders of Government Offices

Below is a list of all holders of government offices within the Empire of Kyberia

  • Monarch: HIM Emperor James I
  • Imperial Minister: Lord John Ellis
  • Speaker of the House of Parliament: Robert Dunakin
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: [Position vacant]
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Katherine McCurdy
  • Director of the Royal Guard and Military: [Position vacant]
  • Minister of Economy: Jennifer Lewis
  • Minister of Science: [Position vacant]
  • Minister of National Press: Lucas Niven

Foreign Relations

Nations Formally Recognised by Kyberia

 Empire of Austenasia Since 4 March 2019
 Republic of Molossia Since 1 May 2019

Nations with Mutual Recognition

Phoklandian Free State Since 13 February 2019
Principality of New Eiffel Since 3 April 2019
Kingdom of Gradonia Since 28 April 2019


Kyberia has a standing military of 7 people, that including James I of Kyberia himself. Kyberia has a military pact with the Phoklandian Free State, stating that in times of war, Kyberian and Phoklandian troops shall fight together to defeat any imposing threat upon Phokland and/or Kyberia.


Below is a list of conflicts involving the Empire of Kyberia

RESULT: Emosian victory

Law and Order

The enforcement of law within the Empire of Kyberia is the duty of the Kyberian Imperial Military. Citizens are tried for crimes within the Imperial Court located in the capital of Kyber, and the court must act under Act IV, Section ii of the Kyberian Bill of Rights.

Martial law may be put in place during times of unrest, but must receive at least more than half the votes within the Kyberian parlaiment.


Flag Name Annexed Governor
Emosian "Mainland"
Kyber 13 February 2019 James I of Kyberia
Balmorra 13 February 2019 Crown Governor John Ellis
Victoria 12 April 2019 Crown Governor Samuel Ellis
Vernoria 27 September 2019 Crown Governor Thomas Ellis
Erminia 7 December 2019 James I of Kyberia
Crown Colonies
Onderon 25 March 2019 James I of Kyberia
Bruntta 17 July 2019 James I of Kyberia
Varestro 17 July 2019 James I of Kyberia
Corulag 26 March 2019 James I of Kyberia
Aquila 17 July 2019 James I of Kyberia

Geography and Climate


The Empire of Kyberia is a hot desert. There is little to no precipitation, and falls victim to seasonal haboobs and monsoons.


The mainland of Kyberia varies from flat plains, to rolling hills, to rocky outcrops. The Kyberian mainland is located within the U.S. state of Arizona, and thus acquires it's traits. Kyberia is mainly grassy plains and hills, along with a few lakes, rivers, and ponds.


The Emosian mainland, being in a hot desert, is home to many reptiles and insects, those mainly being geckos, snakes, cicadas, and scorpions, along with occasional bees. Kyberia also has a large bird population consisting mainly ducks and mud hens, but also includes cranes, finches, and sparrows.


The Empire of Kyberia has consistent temperature, with temperatures usually rising above 35 °C in the summer months. Kyberia is very dry, with rare precipitation, usually in the form of a monsoon.

Climate data for Kyber
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 20
Daily mean °C (°F) 14
Average low °C (°F) 8
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 4.1
Source: [1] (data from 1985-2015)


The economy of Kyberia is primarily built off of tea, this being Kyberia's main export. This tea trade is Kyberia's most crucial export and is managed by the South Balmorra Trading Company, Kyberia's largest privately owned trade company and first micronational postal service, owned by Jennifer Lewis.

Kyberia currently holds trade agreements with 40 states (all controlled through the SBTC), these being:

Nation/Organisation Type of agreement Resources exported Resources imported
Phoklandian Free State Free Trade Agreement Tea, etc. Military consignment, etc.
League of Professional Nations Standard Trade Agreement Various consignment Various consignment

All trade is overseen by the Minister of Trade.

South Balmorra Trading Company

The South Balmorra Trading Company or SBTC is the Empire of Kyberia's largest privately owned trading company. The SBTC currently holds all Kyberian external trade agreements between micronations.


National Holidays

Date Name Purpose Events
1 January New Year's Day/Renovamen Kyberia Day Celebrates the new year and rebirth of Kyberia. Day off from working. Monarch gives speech.
21 April Tea Day Celebrates the consumption of tea. Day off from working.
21 June Election Day Elections for the Representative of the People and Speaker of the House of Parliament. Citizens 13 and up vote for presented candidates.
12 August Emperor Day Celebrates the birthday of Emperor James I. Day off from working. Military parade is held.
24-25 December Christmas Secular celebration of Christmas. Days off from working. Monarch gives speech.

National Symbols

The Emperor's preferred brew of tea (Noble tea, 1tsp sugar with milk)
Image Name Purpose
Lux Aeternam National sword of Kyberia
Royal Crown Crown of the reigning monarch
Emosian Civil War Memorial A chunk of quartz that commemorates the Emosian Civil War

Kyberia and Tea

The Empire of Kyberia and it's citizens have a strong love for their national beverage; tea. Tea is commonly drank by the Emperor, and usually drinks 2 litres of tea a day. Tea is also the major export of the Empire of Kyberia in their free trade agreement with the Phoklandian Free State.