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Texas sector
Texas flag.png
General information
LocatedTexas, United States
Sector founded2014
Sector founded byFederated States
Nations in area
Notable people in areaAnthony I
Christina I
John Churchill
Henry Clémens
Stephen Luke
William I
Brandon Wu
Brady I, Emperor of the Bradonians

The Texas sector is a term used to describe the cluster of micronations based in the US state of Texas, primarily those also participating in the MicroWiki community.

Though secessionist movements in Texas fitting the contemporary definition of 'micronation' can be found as far back as the 19th century, the 2014 formation of the Federated States of America in the Houston sector began a wave of Texas micronations continuing through the late 2010s. The interactions and relations between these micronations continued into the 2020s.

Many of these micronations are located in the Texas Triangle Megaregion of the United States, consisting of the land between the major cities of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, as well as the land inside of the triangle.






Towards the late 2010s, the sector expanded to Central Texas, with the establishment of Saspearian on 20 October 2017, and within a year of its foundation, multiple other micronations in the Central Texas area started to emerge including the Kingdom of Gradonia (now known as Gradonia), which was founded on 1 January 2018, and Westlake was established within the same year.



Notable micronations

Austin area

Dallas/Fort Worth region


Name Capital Government Time period Head of state Location Notes
Federated States of America Quincy Constitutional republic 2015 Henry Clémens Dallas, TX

Gulf Coast region


Name Capital Government Time period Head of state Location Notes
New Halyards, County of Oliveira de Platta Constitutional diarchy 2017—2018 HenryNewton Corpus Christi, TX Part of the Essian Commonwealth and Uberquiesenberg.

Houston region


Name Capital Government Year Founded Time period Head of state Notes
Cycoldia, Grand Republic of Empreton Constitutional monarchy 2018 Since 2018 Christina I
Esse, Confederation of Reme Non-hereditary monarchy 2020 Since 2020 Henry Part of the Uber-Essian Union.
Dracul, Commonwealth of Bran District Constitutional republic 2017 Since 2017 Dmitri Howie
Lone Star, Viceroyalty of Galveston Viceroyalty 2018 Since 2018 Brandon Wu Part of the Empire of Paravia.
Paravia, Empire of Nyros Constitutional monarchy 2014 Since 2016 Patrick Part of the Würtige Empire.
Uber-Essian Union Reme Confederal diarchy 2020 Since 2020 HenryNewton Part of the Würtige Empire.
Würtige Empire Würdigeland Constitutional monarchy 2012 Since 2021 Newton


Name Capital Government Years active Time period Head of state Notes
Atlantic Commonwealth Cambridge Democratic republic 2015—2016 2015—2016 Henry Clémens
Concord, Republic of Concord Republic 2014 2014 Henry Clémens
Essian Commonwealth Reme Elective constitutional monarchy 2015—2018 2015—2018 Henry
Esse, Domain of Esse Colonial viceroyalty 2016—2017 2016—2017 Henry Clémens Part of Mercia.
Federated States of America Quincy Constitutional republic 2014—2015 2014—2015 Henry Clémens
Galveston, Republic of Galveston Republic 2015—2016 2015—2016 Brandon Wu
Galveston, State of Galveston Constitutional monarchy 2016—2018 2016—2018 Brandon Wu Part of the Empire of Paravia.
St.Clemens, Grand Duchy of Memphis Constitutional monarchy 2016 2016 Henry
Valites, Principality of Reme Absolute monarchy 2016 2016 Henry Clémens Part of the State of Koss.
Wings, United States of Wingsington, D.C. Parliamentary republic 2016—2017 2016—2017 Henry Clémens

San Antonio region


Name Capital Government Time period Head of state Location Notes
Zenrax, State of Capital Territory Constitutional monarchy 2014—2021 Shiro

West Texas region

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