Radonian Empire

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Radonian Empire
Imperium Radonum  (Latin)
Ραδονική Αυτοκρατορία  (Greek)
Ymerodraeth Radonaidd  (Welsh)
Flag of
Naval Jack
Coat of arms of
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ad Victoriam, et scientia vincere tenebras!"
Anthem: "March of Technocracy"
Nova Spartipolis
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languagesWelsh
ReligionRoman Catholic Christianity
Byzantine Orthodox Christianity
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Imperator Technocratiae
Radon I
LegislatureImperial Technocratic Directorate
• Establishment
30 November 2020
CurrencyRadonian Denarii Symbol.png Radonian denarii (RAD)
Drives on theright
Patron saintSt. Isidore
National animalOctopus
Double-headed eagle


The Radonian Empire is a technocratic empire with Radon I of Clan Arminius serving as Technocratic Emperor for life or (Imperator Technocratiae).

Radonia also has departments with the Technocratic Emperor presently being the director of every department due to presently being the only citizen.


Department of Industry and Engineering

Goal: to manufacture and Engineer all sorts of items and goods for Radonian ministries as well as it's economy.

Director: Emperor Radon I

Department of Science

Goals: Study the universe and all of it's questions for Radonia. Radonia is into many branches of science such as biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, philosophy, and quantum physics.

Director: Emperor Radon I

Department of Civil Affairs

Goals: Oversee domestic, civil affairs, and issues in Radonia.

Director: Emperor Radon I

Department of Defence

Goals: defend Radonia and all it stands for. defend the border, and send the legion against threats to Radonia.

Legate General (legatus legionis): Emperor Radon I

Department of Treasury

Deals with all things economic within Radonia

Director: Emperor Radon I

Department of Memes and Morale

Goals: create memes and morale posters to bolster Radonian morale.

Director: Emperor Radon I

Department of Imperial Archives

Goals: Inscribe and preserve world and Radonian historical events whether on paper, scrolls, books, or the internet.

Director: Emperor Radon I


Official languages: English (US), Latin, Greek

Desired official Languages: Anglo-Saxon.


Macronational Currency: US Dollar $

Micronational Currency: Radonian denarii Radonian Denarii Symbol.png

Radonian denarii are backed by Milky Bars under the Milky Way Standard Act.


Radonia's Religious Freedom Act permits Radonian citizens to practice any religion as long as it is not considered a death cult and does not engage in human sacrifice. The official religions of Radonia are Roman Catholic and Byzantine Orthodox Christianity.


Date Name
1 January New Year's Day
7 January Orthodox Christmas
8 November National STEM Day
30 November Founder's Day
25 December Christmas
March 14 Pi Day
March 25 Hellenic Day
April 21 Die Romuli
Countryball of the Radonian Empire.

Radonian culture is a blend of American and ancient Greeco-Roman culture.

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats High Ranking Positions
Technocratic Monarchist Party of Radonia Radonian Technocratic Monarchist Party Logo.png Radon I of Radonia center-right Monarchist
7 / 7
Imperator Technocratiae


the Radonian Empire is in the following organisations/alliances (intermicronational pacts):

the Radonian Empire recognises the following nations (Non-Mutual):

The Radonian Empire has mutual recognition with the following nations:

Imperial Provinces

Radonia is divided into separate Imperial Provinces, City-States, and Colonies to form a more cohesive Imperial Federalist structure similar to that of the Roman and Macedon Empires.

Federal Imperial Regions
Region Regional Flag
Technocratic Capital City-State of Nova Spartipolis Flag of Radonia.jpg
Radonian Lunar Colony Radonian Lunar Colony.png