Principality of Doriea

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Principality of Doriea

Πατρίς, θρησκεία, Οικογένεια(Country,Faith,Family)
Ο Καιρός Γαρ Εγγύς(The time is Comming)
Capital city Exedoros
Largest city Exedoros
Official language(s) Hellenic (official) English (diplomatic use)
Official religion(s) Greek Orthodox
Demonym Doriean
Government Principality
- Prince Prince Konstantinos I
Legislature -
Established 2016
Area claimed 650m²
Population 9 (permanent residents)
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Time zone dd-mm-yyyy

The Principality of Doriea (Greek: Πριγκιπάτο της Δωριέας) is a micronation founded on 18/06/2016 by His Highness the Prince Konstantinos I.


The Principality Of Doriea created on 18.06.2016,When the three major Houses in the region merged under the leadership of Prince Konstantinos. The Principality has roots from the ancient kingdoms of Macedonia and Thrace.


The political history of Principality of Doriea begins with it creation and the sign a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition between the Principality and the Felow Greek Kingdom of Imvrassia.

Foreign Affairs

Responsible for the foreign relations of Doriea, is the Prince. Doriea has adopted the respect of the cultural and political differences between the micronations. Doriea recognizes the independence and sovereignty of each state, which signs a treaty of friendship and mutual recognition. For contact and diplomatic relations send e-mail to the


The economy of Doriea is mostly Agriculture. In 25/06/2016 a big and costly project began for the improvement of soil,machinery and facilities. At the same time for this progect the area of the Principality increase From 500m² to 650m² with the purchase of the extra land. The constractions end in 31/08/2016 with big success.