Imperial States of Forestria

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Imperial States of Forestria
Flag of Imperial States of Forestria
Coat of arms of Imperial States of Forestria
Coat of arms
Motto: By the sword, peace
Crüzänbadden cllasus, gaurjik (Kåserburrgan)
Gladiumsen et sum, Guerrus (Ninjoan)
Gladium et sumas, Guerrænus (Forestrian Prime)
Gladonsis et sumæ, Guerronus (Kaves)
Anthem: "Northern Freedom"
CapitalKingdom of Curia Ninjoa
Administrative centerDistrict of Ninjasus (DISTRICTUS NINIOASUS) , Curia Ninjoa
Largest cityCatshire City
Other languages
English, Latin
Ninjoan Language Family

Demonym(s)Forestrian, Ninjoan
GovernmentDe jure Imperial Federal Forestrian Monarchy

De facto Absolute monarchy
• Emperor-King
Elias I
House of Lords (Planned)
Establishment3 October 2020
• 2021 census
Forestrian Dollar
Time zoneUTC+8 (NNT)

The Imperial States of Forestria, commonly known as Forestria is a micronation in Clovis and is the successor state of the Empire of Ninjasus. The micronation is generally right wing nation protesting against all communism and socialism as well as fascism. It is generally a conservatist monarchy.

It became a part of the OFE on the 14th of February.


The name of the micronation stands for Forest-land. Officially "Imperial States of Forestria and the Imperial Territories and the Puppets incorporating the Grand Duchy of Krell" or the "Imperial States of Forestria and Her Sovereign Territories."


Republic of Ninjago

The first version of Forestria was the Republic of Ninjago. This led to collapse and the Lily Land War.

The Flag of Ninjago

Shortly before the LLW1, Ninjago bought Jedio for 150 Ninjins, 350 $FOT today. The Empire would soon reform into the Empire of Ninjasus for copyright reasons.

First Events

Annexation of The Backyard

On 19 August 2021, the Government of Forestria annexed The Backyard (Forestenshire). King Lucas the First of Oniya, was told in the Proclamation of Cyorisfyor.

Support to ORC

On 24 August 2021, Forestrian Decree #1 announced unofficial support to the ORC and announced unofficial recognition to the ORC.

New Laws

New laws have been created in the section of history. The Military Reform Act was passed by the Diet and one other law is being voted on. This law, FERA 1, is a law that sets requirements for requesting embassies in Forestria.

Absolute Monarchy

On September 19, the Emperor abolished the Diet and made the National Advisory Council which does not make laws, it advises the Emperor in making laws.


On 20 September, Jedio became independent after the several months of "Ninjasus" being Forestria. On 26 September, the leader announced why. Forestria is still responding to the independence movements.

Although Jedio and Forestria are at war, the Emperor is trying to make a temporary alliance to help prepare Forestria against Oniya.

Tensions rise

On the night of 27 September, King of Oniya provoked several arguments which rose up to them preparing for war and rejecting the other’s citizenships. On the morning of the 28th, the Emperor rose up the Imperial Arsenals which holds all the weapons of war. The Emperor is also planning an operation.

The night after, tensions rise again and war is nearly declared. Jedio and Forestria begins meeting about Oniya.

Jedio returns and Independence Day

During the meeting, Jedio rejoins Forestria as the third state of Forestria. Neilius returns as Lord over Jedio. EliCorp is then hired to make a citizenship form and map.

On the third of October, the fledgling nation celebrated it’s first Independence Day. As the Emperor hadn’t realized the day was the third, nothing major was done, although a large cookie was made earlier in the day.

Forestrian Mass Imperialism

On the 2 November, the Emperor announced that all Commonwealth nations are Forestrian territories and the Commonwealth is abolished. The Emperor begins mass militarism.

Next Steps


December brought many things. The Emperor signed the Treaty of Oniya City and will be planned to sign the Treaty of Naboo in January. The Grand Duchy of Krell was founded and started operating in mid-December.


During April, the first and second meeting of the CDO started. The first order of business was the admission of several states as members to the organization. During the second meeting, Lily Land requested aid to the GACDO. The request for aid was accepted and Forestria has since started on sending aid. The Decree of the Recognition of States was presented by the Emperor to the Senate and has been in voting. Before the Spring Break started, one of the Senators has voted yes to the Decree.

Later in April, the Governmental Shutdown of 2022 occurred. This happened because of inactivity in the Parliament.

Constitutional Convention

Logo of the Constitutional Convention - MMXXII

In late September, the Emperor sent emails to influential people in Forestria and it’s allies to come and prepare for a convention to change the Constitution of Forestria.

At the end of December, the CCF ultimately failed. However, the new constitution was signed by the Emperor.


By the end of December, 2022, the activity in Forestria slowed to a halt. Emperor Elias made the decision to dissolve the Forestrian Empire and make most of the land join with the Kingdom of Oniya to form the Oniyan-Forestrian Kingdom. He made a treaty, titled the Treaty of Oniya City, that will give all Forestrian land to other nations, Jedio, Oniya, LilyLand (Carus Taronus after the Treaty of Lily Land 2022), the newly formed KFR, and gifting the Kingdom of Salanda the territory of Terabithia Cove. By the 3rd of January, the Treaty of Oniya City was signed by two people, the Emperor of Forestria and the King of Oniya.

The Imperial States of Forestria was then officially dissolved with the final territory going to Jedio.

Politics and government

Old Government

The government is an Imperial Monarchy that has some direct democracy parts. The NAC is the advisory branch. The micronation also has some Fuedal monarchic parts.

Most of the time, the government was an Absolute Monarchy due to the Parliament not meeting and inactivity in the Government.

The government of Forestria


Ministries are offices inside the Government of Forestria that enforces Forestrian law. Ministries are proposed by the Emperor and voted by the Diet, therefore, they are a part of the Diet and offices are made in the Diet to make rules pertaining to that Ministry. Ministries are called Departments.

  • Department of Foreign Affairs & Internal Relations
  • Department of War
  • Department of the Treasury

Ministries may create sub ministries inside for a specific task. The sub ministry is called an Office.

  • Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Trade Office
    • Policy Bureau
    • Foreign Affairs Office
  • Department of War
    • Army Office
    • Colony Office
    • Policy Bureau
  • Department of the Treasury
    • Minting Office

Law and order

The judicial system has the Supreme Court which are elected by the people of the nation. The judicial system looks at declarations of wars and holds a decision to which DoW is legitimate. They also hold trials for criminals.

The monarch

The monarch is the Emperor. He holds all administrative, and legislative power. The advisory council is an elected group of individuals who advise the Emperor on laws, judgements, and wars. The monarch is hereditary and the Great Constable puts the Imperial State Crown on the monarch's head during Coronation.

The Imperial Crest of the House of Oberholtz

The monarch can also put the government into shutdown. One example of this was the Governmental Shutdown of 2022. Shutdowns can happen two ways: inactivity in the Parliament or changes in the Imperial or Federal Government. Shutdowns can also be done at the monarch’s pleasure.

Imperial Parliament

The Imperial Parliament makes up the Advisory branch. It advises the Emperor on laws and wars. When the Emperor signs a peace treaty, the Parliament votes to ratify it or not. The branch is made up of elected officials for each state. Each state only gets 1 senator (advisor).

Political Parties
Name Ideology Members in Parliament Majority in States Total Members
Independent Party Independent politics
3 / 5
2 3
National Republican Conservatism, republicanism
1 / 5
1 1
Speaker Party Monarchism, Conservatism
1 / 5
N/A 1

Every 2 years, every state votes for a new senator in the Parliament. Every Puppet, territory, province, or other entities, may have sub-parliaments for independent voting in states.


The constitution of Forestria is the highest law in the land. On the current date, there have been one amendment to the constitution, that being the Science Amendment.

Foreign Relations

All foreign relations were formed by the DOFAIR and the Emperor.

Micronational Relations

Current micronational relations of Forestria
Allies Mutual Recognition Recognized By Recognises Sanctioned

It has plans to join the Cupertino Alliance and create a United American Alliance. On 9-22-2021, the Emperor announced his intent on joining the Alliance of the Micronations, an organization made by the Kingdom of Salanda, when he turns 13.

In December, Forestria joined the Defensive Military Organization of Micronations.

Macronational Relations

Forestria doesn’t recognize countries that do not protect the rights of citizens under the UN Charter.
Full Recognition Partial Recognition Not Recognized
  •  China - Sanctioned due to Civil Rights abuses.
  •  Afghanistan - Sanctioned due to Civil Rights abuses.
  •  Russia - Sanctioned due to Civil Rights abuses.
  •  Vietnam - Republic of Vietnam recognized instead of SRV
  •  North Korea - Republic of Korea recognized instead of PRK


The official name of the Army is the Imperial Army of Forestria. It protects the Imperial Commonwealth, which is an organization the holds all the puppet and satellite states of Forestria.

Dep.t of War
Depstein Warfario
HeadquartersCuria Ninjoa
Advisor of WarNeilius
Military age9-53
Fit for
military service
5, age 9-13
Active personnel2
Reserve personnel1
Percent of GDP50%
Domestic suppliersEliCorp
Foreign suppliersNerf
Annual importsNerf weapons
Related articles
HistoryLily Land War
2nd Lily Land War

Military Structure

Imperial Standard for the Army

The current military structure is based off of Roman strategies and military structure.

Military Structure
Legion Cohort Century Support


The military currently has two branches (seen below). The Imperial Army fights battles and such. The Cartographer-Scout Corps makes maps for the army to effectively target the enemy. The Cartographer-Scout Corps may use spies and drones.

Branch HQ Main legion Latin Name
Imperial Army Curia Ninjoa Nerf Infantry 1st Imperial Exercitus
CSC Curia Ninjoa Scout Corps 1st Cartographer-Exploratores Corps


Forestria has been a part of several conflicts, both of which are the Lily Land Wars.

Geography and climate

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There are two states in Forestria. States have the power to vote for their Senators in the Parliament. Forestria also has one Federal District called Curia Ninjoa which is the seat of Imperial Power. Federal Districts, colonies, and territories are represented by the Emperor until the colony or territory becomes a state. Federal Districts are always cities and they cannot become states. Territories and provinces can vote to institute a different government that is governed by the Imperial Constitution.

Flag Arms Capital Name Annexed Population Official(s)
N/A N/A Imperial Palace Curia Ninjoa 2020 (Ninjasus)

2021 (Forestria)

1 Mayor
Emperor Elias O.
N/A N/A Downtown Catshire City 2021 3-5 Representative
Duchess Maggie R.
N/A N/A Naboo District Naboo 2021 1 Representative

Lord Neilius Jacobsus

N/A N/A Constantine District Greater Constantinople 2021 2 Representative

Duke Marko

N/A N/A Greater Constantinople Ninjasus State August 12, 2021 2 Duke & Duchess
Lord Marko & Lady Bea
N/A N/A Catshire City Catshire August 12, 2021 1 Duchess
Maggie R.
N/A N/A Naboo Jedio November 2020 1 Lord

Madam Elayna

N/A N/A Unknown
Puppet States
Fort Creek Grand Duchy of Krell 2021 N/A Grand Duke:


N/A N/A Treeland Great Tree 2020 0 Governor


N/A N/A Auntsville Auntsville 11-20-2021 2 Governor


Each individual State/Province has it's own parliament abiding by the rules of the Imperial Parliament.

  1. Imperial Parliament of Forestria | Parliament of Forestria
    1. STATES
      1. Parliament of Ninjasus State
      2. Parliament of Jedio
      3. Catshire 1st Congress
    2. Kingdoms
      1. Parliament of Curia Ninjoa
    3. Puppet States
      1. Krellian Senate


The Emperor holds the Economic policy papers and sets policies. The national budget is nearly $30 and 50,000 FOT$

Economy of Imperial States of Forestria
Trade organisationsImperial Bank
Imperial Treasury Reserve
GDP growth0
GDP by sectorAgriculture
Inflation1.23% for USD
below poverty line
Labour forceEducational Services
Health Services
Labour force
by occupation
Main industriesAgriculture
Current account50,000 FOT$
Public finances
Public debt0
Budget deficit0
Foreign reserves3,000 FOT$

Forestrian Stock Exchange Center

The Forestrian Stock Exchange Center, or FSEC, is the stock exchange within the CDO. All businesses within the organization’s member states must have a stock in their name inside the the market.

Fiscal Information


Plans are made to create a product to export. The most low-cost way to the Empire is to export agricultural products or film movies and tv. The Empire plans to sell Lordship titles some point in the future. They are currently exporting cookies. Cookies are the national export. This is because the cookies industry and cookie demand has risen slowly higher since the founding of ELM's Goodies. Another industry that has slowly risen in demand is the video game industry. This is because of Imperator Interactive Announcing the Untitled City Game.


Imports are restricted to food supplies, home supplies, furniture, Legos and the like. Because the Empire is a part of the IMSO, it will open up trade to the members of the IMSO.


The only current industry present in the nation is agriculture. They plan to sell some to gain money in the future. They also plan to create a service industry. EliCorp Studios has plans regarding tv and film. EliCorp Family of Companies owns the majority of companies in Forestria holding a monopoly.

Companies by Industry

  • Agriculture and Culinary Services
    • ELM's Goodies
  • Services
    • EliCorp
  • TV and Film
    • EliCorp Studios
  • Books
    • Forestria Inc.
    • Oberholtzer Books LTD
    • Oberholtz Publishing CO
  • Video Games
    • Imperator Interactive AB

Culture and media

National Symbols

The Forestriaball.
The Forestriaball.

The Emperor has compiled a list of National Symbols. The Flag, Coat of Arms, National Anthem, and others, have been designated the most important and when damaged, can lead to a fine of 300 FOT.

Ninjoan Myth

Ancient Ninjoan Myth arose near the beginning of the Republic of Ninjago. This created Ninjoan Paganism. None of the Gods and Goddesses were remembered, though the religion paved the way for Jedian and Oniyan myths that continue to the present day.


Media in Forestria is maintained every day. The government declared that tracking what citizens do on media or the internet is illegal under the Constitution of Forestria.

Many video games are played in Forestria. Many of them are simulations such as: City: Skylines and Victoria 2. Many of the citizens also play Minecraft.

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