Lily Land War

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First Lily Land War
DateDecember 14 - December 21th, 2020
Result Ninjago Victory

Empire of Ninjago

Autonomous Kingdom of Oniya
Lily Land
Commanders and leaders

Emperor Elias Richnot
Luke O.
Neilius Jacobsus

Olivia J.
President Lily J.
Ninjago 4 1

The Lily Land War was a war between Lily Land and the Empire of Ninjago. It resulted in Ninjoan victory but Lily Landian independence.


Declaration of Lily Land Independence

On December 12, the westernmost part of the province of Jedio declared independence and established Lily Land. Lily was announced President of Lily Land.

The Declaration of War

Two days later, Ninjago formally declared war on Lily Land. They hired one spy on the 15th and another one during the second Lily Land War. Lily Land was then told in the Grand Ultimatum to back down and return to Ninjago. Lily Land refused.

The Einstend Plan and end of the War

During the following days, Ninjago planned to send in full military forces. The plan ended in failure and was not put into place. The reason for this was because the day before the end of planning, the Emperor of Ninjago and the President of Lily Land negotiated the end of the war. On December 21, known in current day Forestria as The Christmas Treaty, Ninjago and Lily Land signed the Treaty of Lily Land ending the war.


After the treaty was signed, Lily Land become a sovereign Republic (under a dictatorship). Lily Land and Ninjago had strict ties and they never had very good ties. This led to another war. In total, the war only last a week and no one fought.