Kingdom of Curia Ninjoa

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Curia Ninjoa
Rexdoma et Ninyosa'lafre
Kingdom with the Capital
Flag of Curia Ninjoa
The Great Capital and it’s Districts of Freedom
The Nation is Free
Anthem: Nothern Freedom
Country Imperial States of Forestria
 • King-EmperorElias I, Emperor of Forestria
 • Kingdom with the Capital1
 • Metro
DemonymCurian Ninjoan
Time zoneNinjoan Universal
WebsitePlanned Website

Curia Ninjoa is the capital city of the Imperial States of Forestria. It is separated in 4 districts.


The city has its roots in the previous capital city of Ninjago, Ninjasus, and Forestria. It was founded as the capital city to not show support for any one state, particularly the Ninjasus State.

In 2022, the Kingdom of Curia Ninjoa was created as an entity known as an “Imperial Kingdom” as well as a Capital.


The Government is an autonomous Kingdom within Forestria.


The King is an absolute monarchy that is elected by the Council of Nobility. The King holds the title for life. He or she can not take control the Council of Nobility and can not influence its decisions.

Council of Nobility

The Council of Nobility is the main body of the Kingdom of Curia Ninjoa. Each member controls one district of the Kingdom. The Dukelankreav controls the District of Dromson, the main business section. The Dukelandoskreave controls the outskirts of the City. The Dvandos controls the center of the City, the District of Mervistonia. The final member, the Lordandos'lafre controls the main city.

Foreign Relations

It recognizes several nations including Oniya, Jedio, and Austenasia. It currently has foreign relations with the Creekian Republic of Guineas.