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Not to be confused with Ninjago, Empire of Ninjasus, or Ninja.
For more information, go to Ninjasus (disambiguation)
Number of speakers2
Language family
  • Proto-Ninjoan
    • Ninjoan Proper
    • Forestrian Ninjoan Proper
    • Sxuan (S - wan)
Regulated byDoFaIR

The Ninjoan [Niɳɟœn’Æ] language is one of the official languages of the Forestrian Empire. It is made up of the Latin alphabet when typed on computer or phone. It is made of characters on paper. It is proposed as a "Syllabic-Alphabet" by the creator.



Ninjoan Alphabet

There are many letters in the alphabet. Most words have not been made. The computer version only has the letters:

  • A,a,æ
  • B,b
  • D,d,[dxv/ pronounced “dychev”]
  • E,e,ę,[ecx/ pronounced “exec” or “exetoc”]
  • F,f,[fye/ pronounced “fyee”],ᵮ
  • H,h
  • I,i,[Ninjoan ì/ pronouced ie]
  • J,j
  • K,k
  • M,m, Μ μ
  • N,n,ñ
  • O,o,œ
  • P,p,[pye/ pronounced pyee]
  • Q,q,Φ
  • R,r
  • S,s,ś
  • T,t
  • U,u,[Ninjoan û/ pronounced ue]
  • V,v
  • W,w,[Weyę/ pronounced wheeya]
  • X,x
  • Y,y,[Ninjoan ÿ/ pronounced yyeea]
  • Z,z

This is because some of the words are not needed and are excluded. Some of the words are also interchangeable.


There are also many characters on paper form.


Front Back
High i w: Error using {{ IPAsym}}: IPA symbol "ì" not found in list u w: Error using {{ IPAsym}}: IPA symbol "û" not found in list
High-mid e o
Low-mid æ
Near low œ
Low a
⬇ Manner/ Place ➡ Bilabial Labiodental Alveolar Glottal More IPA will come in future...
Nasal m n w: Error using {{ IPAsym}}: IPA symbol "ñ" not found in list
Stop p b t d
Fricative f v s z
Trill r

Forestrian Ninjoan Proper

Forestrian Ninjoan is the primary Ninjoan language used in Forestria.


Veni, Vidi, Vici

would mean in Ninjoan:

Venií , Vedûum , Vetchus

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