Wingsington, D.C.

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Wingsington, D.C.
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Wingsington, 11 December 2016
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The Wingian Rome
Carpe nimbus
CountryUnited States of Wings
StateDistrict of Corsair
Incorporated20 November 2016
 • MayorHoratio Eden (Republiapache)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC-6:00

Wingsington, D.C., formally Wingsington, District of Corsair and sometimes referred to as simply Wingsington, is the capital and most populous city in the United States of Wings. Established on 19 November 2016 by then-President-elect Emerson Rief, Wingsington is the oldest city in the United States. Most construction of the city took place on 11 December 2016. Wingsington has a residency population of 1, however 2 voters are registered in the city.

The relationship between Wingsington and the District of Corsair is commonly confused. Wingsington, while styled as the District of Corsair, is only a city and thus its government is arranged as such. The District of Corsair, on the other hand, is a state of Wings which comprises of Wingsington and surrounding suburbs, with an elected Governor.


Historical affiliations


Wingsington during mass construction. The southern and western sectors have not yet been completed in this photo.

Wingsington was incorporated on 19 November 2016 by then-President-elect Emerson Rief, and was officially recognized as a city the next day. It was designated as the capital unanimously in the House of Representatives on 20 November. The planning phase went until construction commenced on 11 December, with the first construction being of the Wingsington Transportation Authority. Later in the day, buildings were constructed around the railways.

The city was centered around various sectors: the eastern central business district, the far eastern mixed-use district, Harrison Avenue to the south, and the northwestern Casino District. Each area is served by a rail line.


Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field, 11 December 2016.

Strawberry Field is the largest park in the city of Wingsington, and is also the site of the largest terminal of the Wingsington Transportation Authority and the headquarters of the aforementioned Authority. It is located directly east of the central business district and across the street from the Capitol building. The park is considered a national treasure, and is on the cities register of historic places. It is thought to be the cleanest place in the city.

Strawberry Field's namesake is 1967 Beatles tune "Strawberry Fields Forever," a song which derives its name from Strawberry Field, a children's home outside of Liverpool, England.

Casino District

The Casino District is the site of several casinos in Wingsington, including the Tritower Home, the Penny Lane Resort, and Rigby's 52. It is still under development, and several of the buildings are scheduled to be demolished and replaced with funds coming from the public as part of a mass refurbishing project.

Tritower Home is named due to its triangular shape. Penny Lane Resort is named after the street it is located on, which is furthermore named after the 1967 song "Penny Lane." Rigby's 52 refers to the song "Elanor Rigby," and the 52 refers to the 52 cards which come in a standard deck.

Harrison Avenue

Harrison Avenue is a historic street on the far south end of the city. On it is Park Palace and several international embassies, including the Embassy to the Free City-State of Edenopolis. On the corner of Harrison Avenue site a major rail terminal connecting the blue and green lines, while farther north on Harrison Avenue is the Park Palace Terminal, which serves both the green and orange lines. This makes Harrison Avenue a major hub for the Wingsington Transportation Authority.

Harrison Avenue is named after George Harrison, an English singer-songwriter and former member of the rock band the Beatles.