Wingian presidential election, November 2016

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Wingian Presidential Election, November 2016
← None 19 November 2016 2017 →
Candidate Emerson Rief
Party Independent
Home state District of Corsair
Running mate Horatio Eden
Electoral vote 1
States carried 1
Popular vote 2
Percentage 100%

Official election logo.

President before election


Elected President

Emerson Rief

The November 2016 Presidential Election in the United States of Wings was an impromptu election which took place on November 19, 2016 to elect the first President of the United States of Wings. The election involved one candidate, Emerson Rief, an instrumental founding father of the nation, ran as an Independent with policies aimed towards growing cities and public services, as well as expanding diplomacy with micronations in the community.

The election was scheduled shortly after the nation itself was established, in efforts to implement democratic principles at the get go. While the election was essentially for show, popular vote was freely allowed. The popular vote, however, did not officially elect the President, but the electoral college vote, which - with one delegate - went unanimously to Rief.