Independent Republiapache

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Independent Republiapache
IdeologyBig tent (De facto)
House of Representatives
0 / 1
0 / 3

Not an official party, but frequently used as a platform for members of the Republiapache Party of Wings who are defeated in their primary election.

Independent Republiapache is a term occasionally adopted by political candidates in the United States of Wings. It is also used to describe the scenario of an independent candidate who follows suit with principles of the Republiapache Party of Wings.

Most of the time, a candidate would adopt the label of an Independent Republiapache if they continue as a candidate for the office after they have lost the Republiapache primary. Since all citizens of the United States are members of the Republiapache Party, in theory most contested elections would be between a Republiapache candidate and one of his or her primary contenders, who for the purposes of the election affiliates as an Independent Republiapache.