Wingian Congress

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Wingian Congress

House of Representatives
Coat of arms or logo
Founded19 November 2016
Speaker of the House
Horatio Eden, Republiapache
since November 20, 2016
Seats1 voting member
House political groups
  Republiapache (1)
House last election
November 19, 2016
Meeting place
Skype Quorum

The Wingian Congress, also known constitutionally as the House of Representatives of the United States of Wings, is the unicameral body with federal legislative power over the United States of Wings. The designated meeting place of the Congress is Capital Hill in Wingsington, D.C., however in reality the legislature meets over the messaging platform, Skype. All elected members are part of the Republiapache Party of Wings, and as such the party dominates over law-making in the nation.

The Wingian Congress currently has only one member, however at the conclusion of the January 2017 elections will see an expansion to two seats, and once the state of Flyrida reaches the population threshold the chamber will see another expansion to three representatives.


Members of the Wingian Congress are throughout the Constitution referred to as Congressmen, however have also been referred to outside of the Constitution as Representatives and Members of Parliament. The Constitutional standard of members of Congress being referred to as Congressmen is recognized as the formal style of any member of the Wingian House of Representatives, and is the most common term in legal format.

Congressmen are elected to an eight-month term, set to represent a specific district within their state. The number of district is proportional to the population in said district, which is currently set in the mode where for every two citizens of a state, one seat in Congress is allocated.