District of Corsair

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District of Corsair
Flag of District of Corsair
The Cloud State
Proicio nimbus
Country United States of Wings
Capital Wingsington, D.C.
Admission19 November 2016
Founded byEmerson Rief
GovernmentAdministrative division
 • GovernorHoratio Eden (Republiapache Party)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC-6:00

The District of Corsair, sometimes abbreviated to Corsair or D.C., is a state in the United States of Wings. Located on the west end of the United States, Corsair is the most populous state in Wings and boasts possession of the capital city (which is also the largest city), Wingsington, D.C.. Corsair was admitted to the Union on 19 November 2016 by an act in the House of Representatives, however this movement was technically not formalized until the next day when the congressmen were inaugurated.

The relationship between the District of Corsair and Wingsington is commonly confused. The District of Corsair is a state of the United States of Wings which comprises of Wingsington and surrounding suburbs, with an elected Governor. Wingsington, on the other hand, is styled as the District of Corsair however is also only a city and thus its government is arranged as such, with a Mayor and city council.


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