Cabinet of Wings

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The Cabinet of the United States of Wings is composed of the most senior officials appointed by the President of the United States of Wings. These officials are generally the heads of respective federal departments and are regarded as "secretaries." The Cabinet of Wings is inspired by the Cabinet of the United States of America, and many of the cabinet-level offices are identical to those in the Cabinet of the United States of America.

All members of the Cabinet are first nominated by the President, traditionally before or shortly after his inauguration. Nominations are then sent to the House of Representatives for confirmation or rejection with a simple majority. If approved, they are immediately sworn into their office and begin their duties.

Current composition

The individuals listed below were nominated by President Emerson Rief to form his Cabinet minutes following his 20 November inauguration. On the very same date the House of Representatives confirmed all nominations and Speaker of the House Horatio Eden notified Rief. The first cabinet meeting was held moments later, where both the Trans-Atlantic Union and the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement were officially signed with advice from the cabinet appointees.

These appointments will expire following the May 2016 elections for President, either incumbent Emerson Rief will nominate a new cabinet or his successor will create a new cabinet.


The current cabinet includes the President and nine department heads, listed here by officeholder and then by order of succession. Note that the Speaker of the House is second in the line of succession, only to the Vice President, but the Speaker of the House is not considered an executive cabinet member but a legislative official.

Republiapache Party of Wings
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
Emerson Rief 20 November 2016 President (2016–present)
Secretary of Aviation (2016–present)
Secretary of Defense (2016–present)
Secretary of Transportation (2016–present)
Secretary of Commerce (2016–present)
Horatio Eden 20 November 2016 Vice President (2016–present)
Chancellor (2016–present)
Secretary of State (2016–present)
Secretary of Health and Human Services (2016–present)
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Homeland Security (2016–present)

Future composition

In light of the new year, incumbent President Emerson Rief has stated his intentions to appoint a new cabinet which will face congressional confirmation on January 20, following the inauguration of the newly-elected representative from Mustachusetts. If all nominees are confirmed, it will mark the first time someone not in a Wingian public office would be serving in a cabinet position. The nominees for all department heads were announced through the Wingian Skype chatroom on December 30, 2017.


Nominees are sorted in order of the announcement of their candidacy.

Office Name Party
Vice President Horatio Eden Republiapache Party
Secretary of Aviation James Reginald Frisch Republiapache Party
Secretary of Defense Ned Gunderson Republiapache Party
Secretary of Transportation Emerson Rief Republiapache Party
Secretary of Health and Human Services Horatio Eden Republiapache party
Secretary of Education Ned Gunderson Republiapache Party
Chancellor James Reginald Frisch Republiapache Party
Homeland Security Ned Gunderson Republiapache Party
Secretary of State James Reginald Frisch Republiapache Party