Republiapache Party of Wings

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Republiapache Party
United States of Wings
LeaderHoratio Eden
ChairmanEmerson Rief
SpokespersonHoratio Eden
PresidentEmerson Rief
Founded11 December 2016
Headquarters Wingsington, D.C.
Student wingPencilpaches
Youth wingLittle Apaches
IdeologyBig tent (de facto)
House of Representatives
1 / 1
2 / 3
Election symbol

The Republiapache Party of Wings is the sole political party operating in the United States of Wings. It was founded on 11 December 2016, less than one month following the inauguration of then-Independent politician Emerson Rief. The party has no officially proclaimed ideology, however is generally considered to follow the politics of Wingian President and party leader Emerson Rief.


The Republiapache name is derived from a conjunction of the words "Republican" - in reference to the American political party - and "Apache" - referencing the attack helicopter produced by Boeing.


The first ideas for a Wingian political party came during the impromptu Presidential election in November 2016. However, plans never moved beyond their infancy and sole candidate Emerson Rief ended victorious in the election as an Independent candidate.

The idea reemerged during construction of Wingsington the next month. With plans to open citizenship applications to Wings, Rief believed it would be necessary to form a party to preserve the culture and tradition of the micronation. With assistance from Horatio Eden, the Republiapache Party was formed that same day.