Confederation of Uberquiesenberg

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Confederation of Uberquiesenberg
Flag of Uberquiesenberg Federal seal of Uberquiesenberg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto(s): "In nomine victoria"
Map of St.Charlie with Uberquiesenberg highlighted
Map of St.Charlie with Uberquiesenberg highlighted
Official language(s) English
Demonym Uberquiesenberger
Capital West Halyards
Largest city West Halyards
Area  Ranked 2nd in Uber-Esse
 - Total 0.02467193 sq mi
(0.0639 km2)
 - Total 6
Admission to Union  1 June 2020 (T-1st)
Monarch Palatine
Nicolás von Uberquie
Governor Viceroy
Newton von Uberquie
Legislature Angelegenheitenort
Time zone GMT/BST
Abbreviations UB -ESE

Uberquiesenberg, officially the Confederation of Uberquiesenberg, is one of two confederations of the Uber-Essian Union, a cross-Atlantic diarchal union. Formerly the Democratic Confederation of the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg, the territory's ruling family, House of von Uberquie entered a political union with the Essian House of Clémens on 1 June 2020, establishing a trans-continental confederal diarchy.

Administrative Divisions

Flag Coat of Arms Name Capital Abbr Established Régional

Mayoralty of Halyards

West Halyards HAL 22 September 2016 Absent
City of West Halyards WHL Absent

Province of Uberquiesenwhent

UBW 22 September 2016 Provinzgraf Prinz Nicolás von Uberquie
Barony of Gehemort GEH Absent
Barony of Kilnere Feld KIL Absent
Barony of Outer Anfhass ANF Freiherr Newton von Uberquie

Province of Uberquiesenbergia

UBB 22 September 2016 Provinzgraf Nicholas Kaos
Barony of Grauser GRU Absent
Barony of Cascade CAS Absent
Barony of Bratusia BRA Absent
Barony of Lange-Spier LGS Absent
Map by The Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Op


The most notable institution of Uberquiesenberg is the presence of the commonly owned Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Operative. Management of the co-operative is lead by the workers, though with only one member it is currently a self-employment venture lead by the Palatine-Viceroy. The goal of the Co-Operative is to design and distribute styleised maps of micro and macronations for use on the Microwiki. Often, the Palatine trades these maps for influence and relations with other nations as opposed to any monetrary gains. The Co-Op has developed maps for Uberquiesenberg, Mercia and Esse at current, as noted by their design and the presence of the logo acting as a compass point on every map.

Logo of the Uberquiesenberg Cartographers Co-Operative.

National Holidays

Name Date Notes
Saint Barrett's Day 6 January Celebration of the life of Saint Barrett, festival on the 6th and no work on the 6th or 7 January
Independence Day 23 May Celebration of Colonial Independence from Mercia
Die Schöpfung 18 August Celebration of the establishment of Uberquiesenberg
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)day 18 November Celebration of the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Palatine's Day 16 December (for incumbent Palatine) Celebration of the Palatine's Birthday and life achievements