Confederation of Esse

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Confederation of Esse
Essiai Commensalocha
Flag of Esse Federal seal of Esse
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto(s): "Imperium in Imperio"
Map of St.Charlie with Esse highlighted
Official language(s) English, Essian
Demonym Essian
Capital Réme
Largest city
Area  Ranked 2nd in Uber-Esse
 - Total ? sq mi
(? km2)
 - Total 5
Admission to Union  1 June 2020 (T-1st)
Monarch Henry
Governor Archie Birch
Legislature Parlamenzalochas
Time zone UTC -6
Abbreviations ES -ESE
Not to be confused with Essian Commonwealth or Esse (colony).

Esse, officially the Confederation of Esse (in Essian: Essiai Commensalocha), is one of two confederations of the Uber-Essian Union, a cross-Atlantic diarchal union.

Founded in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Federated States of America as the Essian Commonwealth, Esse gradually rose to become the foremost Houston sector micronation politically, diplomatically, and culturally. The Commonwealth claimed land internationally recognized as territory of the United States of America, claiming land in two U.S. states, Texas and Wyoming, and boasting a population of 20 as of December 2017. Following the state's restoration in January 2017, its capital had been Réma. Essian territory was divided between the Commonwealth and Uberquiesenberg, with which its former lands eventually merged to form the Union.[1]

In March 2018, the Essian Commonwealth went through a dismemberment process, deeming it defunct. In June 2020, many of its previous lands were rearranged to form one-half of the newly-formed Uber-Essian Union.


"Esse" is most known in the English-speaking world for its relation to the Spanish and Latin languages. In the former, many know "Esse" as being pronounced as "Ese," with the second "e" using the vowel "a" sound. This is a common misconception over the pronunciation of "Esse," as the state clarifies it to be pronounced akin to the letter "S" is, "ehs."

The demonym used both to describe something belonging to Esse and in the noun for (referencing a person from Esse) is "Essian." The demonym was legally used in the nation's full name, the "Essian Commonwealth."


Early Commonwealth

A painting of Walenstadt, the location of the original claim of the Commonwealth of Esse.

During the final days of the Federated States of America, while members of said micronation were knowingly faced with impending collapse, Henry Twain, then-President of the Federated States, established the Sovereign Military Order of Esse in hopes of establishing a new micronation upon the collapse of the Federated States. The collapse of the Federal government happened as expected on 1 June 2015, and on the same day Twain declared the independence of the Commonwealth of Esse from, at the time Switzerland.

With the penning of the Essian Instrument of Government nearing completion, elections were held for the head of state, the Lord Protector. Twain was the only candidate, and won the election unanimously. While serving in this post he began to push for political development of Esse and the other members of the micronation lost interest and soon were assumed to have left and renounced citizenship. Strict regulations on citizenship and immigration were enforced following the passage of policy edicts around 24 June.

A formal declaration of Independence was not made, and it was stated their to be no intention for a declaration of independence as the initial Instrument of Government acted in its place. By 28 June, it was discovered there was confusion behind the name "commonwealth." Curiosity was sparked over whether or not Esse was attempting to become a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which they responded no, however to avoid any confusion, Lord Protector Weishaupt passed a decree "Declaring the State formerly known as the Commonwealth of Esse to henceforth be referred to as the People's Democratic Republic of Esse."

It was around this same time when Twain lost interest in Esse and micronationalism in general, and took an indefinite hiatus between August and December 2015, though not without several attempts to resurrect the Federated States.[2]

"Golden age"

Twain - who was elected the first President of the Executive Council - soon became the only one interested in the project. Near March, Wu, Churchill, and others dropped out of the nation citing time restraints, leaving Twain as the only citizen of the Atlantic Commonwealth. There he proceeded to run the nation on his own for nearly two more months. It was sometime in this time frame when the Capital district was renamed Esse. In December, the former members of the Federated States - led by Henry Twain - assembled in hopes of reincarnating the micronation which had passed earlier in the year. Work was done over the Christmas holidays to agree on a Constitution and structure. Despite wishes on the contrary by Twain, other members including Brandon Wu and John Churchill insisted that the group form a new name. The name chosen was the Atlantic Commonwealth, and the territory formerly occupied by Esse became part of the Capital district, with Twain as its Council Deputy.

Twain dissolved the Commonwealth on 5 May 2016. Essian territory was annexed by the State of Koss following the coups in the territories held by the Realms of Valdsland and Grand Duchy of St.Clemens. Twain was pronounced Prince Henry of Valites by the Anax of Koss. There, he formed what he the modern capital of Esse, Réma. A chunk of Valites was thereafter ceded to the Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Council of the Triarchal Crowns of the Disciples on 28 August, creating the Mercian Dominion of Esse and proclaiming Twain "Patrician-Viceroy Henry Clemens-Twain".

In December, due to inactivity, Twain was stripped of his Kossian citizenship and Valites was ceded back to the United States of America. Only shortly after, Twain returned to micronationalism. Following Twain's return to micronationalism, the reformation of the Commonwealth of Esse was announced; the recognized date of reformation became 27 January 2017. The Declaration of Restorationtherefore recognized the official dissolution of the Principality of Valites and the land's "independence from the nation's of its past."

By March 2017, the Essian Commonwealth had a total of 12 citizens and was running a variety of cultural projects, including the Amoena Simphonia and the Messenger. Twain had also been elected Vice Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational.[3] On 12 March the nation's first codified Constitution was ratified by decree from the Monarchy.[4]

On 20 March, James Reginald Frisch was appointed to serve as the Commonwealth's inaugural Heaminister; the Codes a Clementine, the fundamental delegatory document of Lord Henry's reign, was ratified shortly after. Political tensions within the nation grew to all-time highs as the Beiwing court decision was a failure, leading to mass calls for Constitutional amendment.

At this time the Frisch administration began to rapidly expand the nation's diplomatic relations. The Galveston summit saw the Treaty of Evansberg as its result, which saw the State of Galveston become a military protectorate of the Commonwealth. Shortly following, the Treaty of New Halyards was signed, which transformed Newton County into a jointly-administered county of Esse and Uberquiesenberg. The latter state also became a military protected state of the Commonwealth.

The June 2017 general election saw the Green Party of Esse win a majority of seats in the Parlamenzalochas and establish the Second Frisch administration following Frisch's supermajority reelection. The minority party, the Democrats, suffered a major loss and would continue to struggle due to inactivity for several months after.

In August 2017, as a major part of the Green platform, the Commonwealth ratified the Micronational Declaration on Ecological Stewardship originally negotiated at MicroCon 2017.

Beginning on the weekend of 25 August and continuing through the next week, Esse was struck by Hurricane Harvey,[5] marking the fledgling micronation's most catastrophic weather event. The Palazzo del Clement declared a state of disaster for six of the state's eight counties, the first being New Halyards, which sustained minor damages upon the storm's landfall only 18 miles northwards. Flooding throughout the region affected not only Esse, but also Zenrax, Paravia (through the State of Galveston), and Uberquiesenberg (through New Halyards).[6] Hurricane Harvey was later declared the costliest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.[7]

Following Frisch's resignation in November 2017, Lord Henry took over the Healenship in interim fashion and formed the Commonwealth's third government. At the January 2018 election, Tarik Kârjasary was elected Heaminister and the Democrats received a supermajority in a reduced Parlamenzalochas.[8] Constitutional reforms were implemented early into Kârjasary's term, and with them, the political system of the Commonwealth was entirely re-organized. Among the main changes, the Essian monarchy became elective, and a parliamentary system replaced the absolutist form of government that had been in place since the Commonwealth's foundation.

In early February, the Lordship announced intentions to dissolve the Commonwealth, beginning with a referendum on potential dissolution on 10 February, which passed with 75 percent support. Over one month later, the "Farewell Act" was passed with a majority of votes in the Parlamenzalochas, immediately dismantling the Commonwealth.

State of Union

In early 2020, vocal agreement was made between Clémens and von Uberquie to begin the process of drafting an agreement to reform Uberquiesenberg as one-half of a diarchal union between the Houses of von Uberquie and Clémens. The result was the Rema Treaty of Union, which was signed and declared to officially go into effect on 1 June 2020, the five year anniversary of the Commonwealth of Esse's foundation.

Administrative divisions

Government and politics

A diagram displaying the Essian confederal government.

Elections and political parties

A timeline showing the staggered pattern of Uber-Essian union and confederal elections.
Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader UP seats Signoria
UNIONIST ESSE.png Unionists
Unionist Party—The Essian Confederation
U Unionism Centre Henry Clemens
3 / 6
4 / 6
Birchist party.png Birchists
Birchist Party of Esse
B Birchism Centre Archie Birch
0 / 6
1 / 6


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