The Diarchy (album)

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The Diarchy
Studio album by the Diarchy
Released2 February 2018
RecordedMay–September 2017
StudioSandwich Studios, Réma
Sandwich Studios, Halyards
Lyons Studios, Cambridge
Producer(s)Newton von Uberquie
The Diarchy chronology
Singles from the Diarchy
1. "Paper Tiger"
Released: 11 June 2017
2. "Superstition Mountains"
Released: 30 June 2017
3. "Emma"
Released: 6 August 2017

The Diarchy is the debut studio album by the English-American indie rock band the Diarchy. The album was released on 2 February 2018, through Sandwich Records, a label managed by Sandwich Corps. For the album, the Diarchy sought the work of their lead guitarist Newton von Uberquie as producer and Henry Clément for promotion, advertising, and release through the aforementioned record label. The record is considered to be a collection of many musical genres connected through similar musical sounds, genres consisting of indie rock, pop rock, and jazz. It was preceded by the release of several singles, the first being "Paper Tiger", written by Clément and released in June 2017.


The possibility for the formation of a collaboration between Henry Clément and Newton von Uberquie began around March 2017, when the two began discussing a collaboration through their connection in the MicroWiki. In early May the two assembled an act and added Christopher Woods to a musical lineup, almost immediately composing song demos. It was decided that von Uberquie, who had the appropriate equipment, would be the band's producer, while Sandwich Corps would promote and release the music produced to several different music-sharing outlets. Hints of the band's existence were released informally, however there was no promotion of the band and its work in the first month of its existence.

The cover art was revealed alongside the release of the "Paper Tiger" single on 11 June 2017. The album's second single, "Superstition Mountains," was subsequently released on 30 June 2017. The album name was revealed on 17 July 2017.


Once the group was assembled in May 2017, the idea of forming an entire album had not yet been formulated. Work began in only two studios, two locations of Sandwich Corps studios, the first in the Essian Commonwealth and the second in the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg. Work on the first two singles produced by the group, "Paper Tiger" and "Superstition Mountains," was done in the aformentioned studios, while work expanded to Lyons Studios in Cambridge for a set of Clément-composed tracks.

The group's third single, "Emma" was recorded almost solely by von Uberquie, however following brief trombone additions from Clément, the track was released as a single on 6 August 2017, once again without any contributions from Chris Woods.

During the recording of the album, tensions between band members grew for a time following the willing exit of band member Alexander Gibbs. Concerns from the two other band members over Chris Woods' produced demos and their suitability or the album eventually led to his departure from the group on 9 August.

The recording sessions were considered successful for the group, with several demos of songs held over for future releases recorded during the album's lengthy recording period.

Release and critical reception

No official ratings have been released yet.

Track listing

No. Title Songwriter(s) Length
1. "The Beginning" von Uberquie 1:41
2. "Emma" von Uberquie 4:31
3. "Paper Tiger" Clément 3:01
4. "Writing Like a Human" von Uberquie 1:00
5. "Ironic Interval" Clément-von Uberquie 2:32
6. "Superstition Mountains" von Uberquie 3:24
7. "Roses" Clément 4:08
8. "Wonderworld" Clément 3:50
Total: 24:07


Charts and awards


Chart (2017–present) Peak
Esse TBD
Karnia-Ruthenia[1] TBD
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club TBD
Uberquiesenberg TBD


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