San Bernardo

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San Bernardo
  City of the Confederation of Esse  


Anthem: "Grass Skirt Chase (UK Drill version)"
Country Uber-Essian Union
Confederacy Esse
Founded 30 April 2020
 - Monarch Henry
 - Podesta Vacant
 - Total 4
Demonym San Bernardan
Time zone UTC-6

San Bernardo is a city in the Uber-Essian Union. The newest of two cities in the Confederation of Esse, San Bernardo has become notable for becoming the de facto seat of the Essian Monarchy. Because of this, the majority of administrative and political activity in the Confederation since 2020 has taken place from San Bernardo despite Reme remaining the legal capital.


The name San Bernardo translates from Spanish to "Saint Bernard."


Unlike it's counterpart Reme, San Bernardo and the land composing it had no relationship with the Federated States of America or Essian Commonwealth. Formed amidst the unification of the Confederation of Esse with Uberquiesenberg, San Bernardo was briefly named New South Cambridge before settling on the current name.

Politics & government

Though Reme remains the legal capital of the Confederation of Esse, administrative activity in Esse has quickly shifted to San Bernardo due to the Palisso House becoming the primary residence of the Essian Monarchy, replacing Reme's Palazzo del Clément. There are no intentions, however, to transfer formal capital status to San Bernardo.

In accordance with the 2020 Essian confederal Constitution, San Bernardo has an elective Podesta who serves four-month terms, with an unlimited number of allotted terms. The Essian Constitution provides Essian cities with liberties in forming city councils or other political structures submissive to its Podesta, though San Bernardo has not exercised this liberty.

San Bernardo is currently provided two representatives in Union Parliament, two-thirds of Esse's total delegation.


Name Term began Term ended Allegiance Elections
1. Archie Birch 13 July 2020 1 February 2021 Birchist July 2020
Nov 2020

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