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United Micro-Federation of Northudankton
Flag of Northudankton
Motto: "Our Mercy Prevails Over Our Wrath"
Anthem: Northu Risen
Map of Northudankton
Map of Northudankton
CapitalDuikienin, Duisien District
Largest CommunityDuikienin
Official languagesEnglish
Recognized languagesEnglish
Way of Duisien
Demonym(s)Northudanktonian, the Northu
GovernmentDemocratic Constitutional Monarchy
• Kabaar
Jonathan T Freeman (The Kabaar)
• Monarch
Jonathan T Freeman (King Jon I)
Lord Lynch of the South
Northudankton High Council
Northudankton Assembly of Commoners (NAC)
from the United States
• Establishment
14 October 2016
• Total
0.3175 sq mi (0.822 km2)
• 2024 estimate
15 (human), 12 (animal)
CurrencyDuikan (DKN)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Time)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatMM/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Northudankton, officially the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton (Northu, UMFN, or NDK), is an American and culturally Duisien micronation that was declared sovereign on October 14, 2016, by the Kabaar, Jonathan T Freeman. Northudankton was established after its founder discovered micronationalism through YouTube in 2016. The Realm of Northudankton encompasses all lands within the defined national borders of the districts and the interests in and beyond the Northudankton Metropolitan Areas.

The capital of Northudankton is the Community of Duikienin, which is located in the heart of the Duisien District. Northudankton is known in Duisien mythology as the true Second Duisien Civilization, second only to the fictitious Old Duisien Civilization. It is currently comprised of two sub-national administrative divisions known as Districts that do not border each other and that are 211 miles apart, the "Duisien District" (Duisien) in Mississippi founded in 2016 and the "Chipola District" (Chipola) in Florida founded in 2023. Northudankton is a federation in the definition that high government is controlled mostly by the monarchy and partially be elected officials, and the lower district and local governments are democratically elected. Northudankton's national defense force is the Northudankton Armed Forces overseen by the Northudankton Ministry of Defense (NMD). Achievements and contributions of individuals within and associated with Northudankton are acknowledged and rewarded by the Northudankton Honors and Titles System. Northudankton's primary currency is the Duikan, issued and regulated by the Northudankton National Bank. Northudankton has eighteen national holidays, with Daniel Day first, St. Alex Day last, and a collection of 5 holidays called the Duisien Holiday Season. Northudankton's primary religion is the Way of Duisien, a Northu monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Saint Duisienbourgh, with a majority of the population considering themselves Duisienites, or followers of the Way of Duisien. Northudankton's National Anthem is "Northu Risen". Northudankton's national flower is the Zinnia. Northudankton's national bird is the Eastern whip-poor-will. Northudankton's national sport is Rockbowl. Northudankton's official salute is the raised fist, symbolizing unity among citizens, defiance against injustice, and allegiance to the nation's principles. The salute can be used in official, ceremonial, or common occasions as a show of solidary, fraternity, respect, and allegiance. The primary news outlet in the micronation is the Northudankton Broadcast Network. The residence of the monarch and the capital building of Northudankton is the Grand Palace of Northudankton, also known as the Duikienin Residence or the Grand Palace of the Kabaar.

Northudankton is a progressive micronation which operates under a democratic constitutional monarchy system. This framework ensures that the government operates within specified boundaries and that the rights and freedoms of individuals are respected and protected. Transitioning from the structure and operations of the government, let us now explore the political ideology that guides the progressive movement in Northudankton – the Progressive Way of Duisien (P). Other political parties in Northudankton include: the Old Order Party (O), and the Anarchist Party (A), a regressive and antimonarchical party unrelated to anarchism. Rooted in the teachings of Saint Duisienbourgh and the Code of Honor of the Way of Duisien, this movement presents a platform that aims to create a more equitable and inclusive world for all. The Progressive Way of Duisien believes in a society that upholds the values of compassion, equality, and social justice. It advocates for dismantling systemic inequalities, fighting discrimination, and addressing economic disparities. Inspired by the teachings of Saint Duisienbourgh, proponents of the Progressive Way of Duisien strive to build a better future by championing equality, social justice, and a harmonious coexistence.

Every aspect and detail related to Duisien, Saint Duisienbourgh, or the Way of Duisien is entirely fictitious—existing purely imaginative mythological storytelling with no historical basis. The mythology was created over years by Freeman and his friends. All aspects and mentions of the mythology are purely for storytelling purposes. The history of Northudankton between the events leading up to its founding in 2016 and the present day are factual, with no leaps in logic or alterations to historical account.


The inception and development of Northudankton have a unique and intriguing origin story. It all started in 2016, Jonathan T Freeman's encounter with a YouTube video on micronations ignited a spark of curiosity. Drawn to the concept, Freeman embarked on a journey that would eventually lead to the establishment of what we now know as Northudankton.

As a passionate enthusiast of city and nation creation games, Freeman's interest was piqued by the video, which featured Molossia, a miniature nation situated in Nevada. This captivating discovery resonated with Freeman's passion for crafting and constructing fictional worlds. Recognizing the potential to bring his creative ideas to life, he decided to establish his own micronation.

On that pivotal day in October 2016, Freeman founded what was initially named 'The United Federation of Jonthania'. This name was a clever fusion of influences from the gaming world, combining elements from "Papers, Please" and a playful twist on Freeman's first name.

The journey continued as Freeman's vision evolved. Seeking a more encompassing identity, he transformed the micronation's name to Northudankton in early 2018. This new name drew inspiration from the video game "Grand Theft Auto V", altering the location "North Yankton" to create a unique and distinct moniker.

As Northudankton continued to evolve, Freeman's creative endeavors extended to designing the nation's flag. Using an online flag creation platform, he crafted the emblem that would come to symbolize Northudankton's identity. This flag has undergone minor refinements over time, capturing the essence of the micronation's growth.

From its humble beginnings as a response to a YouTube video, Northudankton has blossomed into a vibrant and imaginative micronation. Jonathan T Freeman's passion, combined with his fascination for nation-building games, led to the formation of a unique community with a rich backstory and a dynamic future. The narrative of Northudankton's evolution exemplifies the creative spirit and determination that underlie its journey.

Government and politics

Federal government

The Federal Government of Northudankton is the governing body responsible for the administration and management of the micronation, now streamlined into two branches: the Directorate and the Judiciary. Enacted on 21 February 2024, this significant reorganization transformed the previously three-branched government of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial into a more efficient and less redundant structure aimed at enhancing governance. The Directorate, headed by the Monarch, serves as the highest authority in the government, consolidating the functions and powers of the previously separate Executive and Legislative branches. The Monarch, who acts as both the head of state and the head of government, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of laws, policies, and regulations. The Monarch of Northudankton is supported by the High Council. Predominantly an executive body, the High Council of Northudankton also encompasses some legislative functions within the Directorate as the upper house of the federal legislature. This means that in addition to advising the Monarch on executive decisions, the High Council may also play a role in the legislative process, such as proposing legislation or providing input on draft laws.


The High Council, chaired by the Chancellor of Northudankton, consists of senior government officials who advise the King on various matters and assist in the day-to-day management of the nation. The members of the High Council are selected by the Monarch, ensuring a blend of hereditary and appointed governance within the Directorate. The Chancellor of Northudankton is elected by the people every two years on the even year, reflecting the democratic engagement of the citizens in selecting their government's leadership. The ministries of Northudankton are specialized organizations that oversee various sectors of public administration and policy implementation, functioning under the supervision and guidance of the High Council. These ministries include the Northudankton Ministry of the Interior (NMI), the Northudankton Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA), the Northudankton Ministry of Defense (NMD), and the Northudankton Ministry of Virtual Affairs (NMVA). These entities are responsible for executing the directives set forth by the Directorate, managing day-to-day operations in their respective domains, such as defense, foreign affairs, and environmental stewardship, thereby playing a pivotal role in ensuring the micronation's smooth governance and adherence to its progressive ideals. The Northudankton Ministry of the Interior is the largest of all the ministries. NMI is focused on maintaining the day-to-day functions within the borders of the micronation, and it is further comprised of multiple departments.

The Northudankton Assembly of Commoners (NAC), formerly the sole body in the legislative branch known as the House of Representatives, acts as the Directorate's lower legislative house. This body, diverging from its previous structure of electing two representatives per district, now permits all Northudankton citizens to directly participate, reflecting an inclusive approach to governance and direct democracy. The assembly convenes when a citizen petitions to meet and is approved by its chairman. If a meeting proposal is rejected, a one-third majority within the NAC can mandate the session to proceed, ensuring citizen voices are heard. Decisions made by the NAC are subject to a checks and balances system: they can be vetoed by the Monarch or by the Supreme Judge if they contravene the community's collective will, safeguarding the public interest. For legislative decisions to advance, rulings require a 60% majority vote in favor within the NAC before being passed to and considered by the High Council, ensuring that only proposals with significant support are escalated for further review. The NAC can override the High Council by a 4/5 majority vote.


The Judiciary branch of the federal government government remains responsible for interpreting and enforcing the laws of the micronation. The Court of Northudankton serves as the highest judicial authority and consists of judges who impartially adjudicate legal matters, ensuring that justice is served, disputes are resolved, and the rights of citizens are protected. The judiciary plays a critical role in upholding the rule of law and maintaining the integrity of the legal system.

District and local government

All offices on the district and local level are elected positions and are voted on by the Northudankton people annually. Such elected positions are the District Governor, District Sheriff, and Community Mayor. For all elected positions in Northudankton, human citizens are encouraged to apply and nominate themselves if interested. Any and all human citizens can vote for any nominated candidate in their jurisdiction every year in the Northudankton Annual Elections. These elections are held between the national holidays of Northu Civics Day and Northu Inauguration Day, marking a significant period in the nation's civic calendar where citizens exercise their democratic rights. In instances where there are no human officials to run for non-federal offices, such as district or local positions, those spots are nominated to symbolic representatives such as non-living objects or animal and pet citizens. An example of this unique practice is the Mayor of Duikienin, currently held by Eugene Trieye, a Halloween decoration of a skull with three eyes. This innovative approach maintains the continuity of governance in the micronation while encouraging human citizens to engage in the political process. This model allows the micronation to function efficiently and effectively without the necessity for full-time human officials in every position, tailored to the needs of its populace. This method ensures the smooth operation of governmental duties, aligning with the micronation's current scale and mission.

Annual elections

The Elections of Northudankton are an annual event that guides the democratic processes within the nation. It begins with Northu Civics Day on June 11, marking the start of the nomination period, which lasts until June 30. During this time, individuals interested in running for local and district positions formalize their candidacy. Following the nomination phase, the campaign period begins on July 1 and concludes on the day before the first Wednesday of August. Candidates use this time to engage with voters, presenting their platforms and visions for the future of Northudankton. The voting period runs from the first Wednesday to the third Wednesday of August, providing citizens with a two-week window to cast their ballots. This extended timeframe aims to encourage high voter turnout and accessibility to the electoral process. On the fourth Wednesday of August, Northu Inauguration Day marks the end of the electoral cycle, with elected officials formally assuming their positions. This quick transition underscores the efficiency of the electoral system in facilitating the governance by newly elected representatives. In addition to local and district positions, federal elections are held biennially with elections for the Chancellor every even year and elections in the Assembly of Commoners every odd year. This simultaneous election process promotes civic engagement and integrates the election of officials across multiple levels of government. The Northudankton electoral system also includes non-elected positions such as the Monarch and Nobility, appointed by the Monarch. This blend of hereditary and democratic governance ensures the preservation of tradition while embracing democratic principles.

Foreign relations

Northudankton manages its foreign relations through the Northudankton Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA). The NMFA is responsible for establishing and maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations. Overall, Northudankton enjoys friendly yet unofficial relationships within the broad intermicronational community, particularly as a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM). A notable instance in Northudankton's foreign relations history is its previous recognition of the neighboring, albeit short-lived, micronation of Illuminatia, which ceased to exist following its dissolution. Northudankton remains open to foreign relations with other states, aligning with its diplomatic approach of engaging in constructive and amicable intermicronational interactions. For simplicity, the United States is the only legally recognized macronation by Northudankton as it is the only macronation that effects the sovereignty of Northudankton. Northudankton does not reject the sovereignty or recognition of any macronation. Northudankton first submitted its application for membership to the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) on April 15, 2023, and attained observer status on May 4, 2023. The micronation progressed to provisional membership on September 23, 2023. Following this, Northudankton received a favorable vote for full membership on December 11, 2023 after the Kabaar first attended the GUM Quorum on December 10th. Consequently, as of December 16, 2023, Northudankton is officially a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational. On March 30, 2024, Northudankton signed a Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Recognition with the Empire of Levinia, the Northu-Levinian Treaty of 2024, becoming the realm's first official alliance and mutually recognized nation.

Unilateral recognition

  • All full member states of  GUM

Bilateral recognition


Northudankton Monarch Timeline

Jonathan T Freeman

Chancellor of Northudankton Timeline

Nobility of NorthudanktonNobility of Northudankton

Duisien District Governor Timeline

Albert OwlstonAutomato RobotoKing Jon I

Duikienin Mayor Timeline

Eugene TrieyeJames GnomingtonKing Jon I


Northudankton Flag in North Duikienin, Nov 1, 2017
Photo of Pineapple Square after the Duikienin Community Overhaul Project in Spring 2023

Main article: History of Northudankton

Northudankton, a micronation located in the United States, was founded on October 14, 2016, by Jonathan T Freeman under the name the United Federation of Jonthania. The nation's early years were marked by its founder's efforts to establish a sovereign entity embodying progressive values and social justice. Shortly after its founding, Jonthania adopted a distinctive flag—a rectangular design divided diagonally in red and blue, with a yellow circle in the center.

In 2017, Freeman began distributing citizenship applications to close friends and actively promoted Jonthania, spreading awareness about the micronation. The following year, in 2018, the micronation officially changed its name from the United Federation of Jonthania to the United Federation of Northudankton, which underwent a significant transformation, both in structure and international relations. The Head Cabinet, later the High Council, then composed of Daniel Ellis, Alex Jackson, and Daniel Lynch, was established, bringing more organization and structure to the nation.

During this period, Northudankton established connections with neighboring micronations, such as Illuminatia and Nimland. However, tensions arose, leading to a cold war between Northudankton and Illuminatia against Nimland due to differences in values and historical disputes.

On November 1, 2018, Northudankton faced a major setback when a devastating tornado struck the region. The tornado caused extensive damage, uprooting oak trees, damaging vehicles, and blocking roads. The nation's flag, which was flying outside at the time, was torn apart and subsequently retired. It now resides within the Grand Palace of Northudankton, a symbol of the resilience of Northudankton's people.

In subsequent years, Northudankton embarked on various initiatives to strengthen its community and cultural identity. Out The Window version one (OTW v1) was established in Central Duikienin in 2019, followed by the official founding of the Community of Duikienin in 2021. Simultaneously, the Out The Window v3 Live Stream began broadcasting with regular monthly addresses made through this medium, fostering communication within the nation.

On January 2nd, 2022, Mt. Duikienin emerged as a prominent landmark in Central Duikienin, adding to the natural beauty of the area. That same day, the micronation has evolved from being called the United Federation to the United Micro-Federation. A new polyester flag was crafted in the summer of 2022 and is now proudly displayed on Morning Glory Island in the nation's capital, symbolizing the realm's continued growth and progress.

In March 2023, Northudankton initiated the Community Overhaul Project to enhance infrastructure and declared the Community of Esis Beola within Duikienin. April witnessed milestones such as the ratification of the GUM Charter and the Northudankton Constitution of 2023. The official national motto, anthem, and logos were introduced in April and May, while an Official Discord Server was opened. The Modern Northu Calendar was adopted in May, and audio upgrades were made to St. Duisienbourgh Chapel of Love in June.

June marked the start of the 2023 Annual Elections Campaign Period, featuring various activities and debates. The Northudankton National Bank issued a new Duikan currency in June. In June and July, human rights and anti-harassment measures were passed, official holidays designated, and debates held for various positions. Northudankton applied for provisional GUM membership in June. In July, laminated signs were installed, Kabaar Day celebrated, engineering and defense corps established, showcasing Northudankton's growth and commitment to progress. In October, on the seven year anniversary of Northudankton in Duikienin, a partial solar eclipse was observed during the Northu Day festivities. Six months later, the Royal Family and Lady Bailey traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas to observe the April 2024 total solar eclipse.

Today, Northudankton stands as a testament to the vision of creating a harmonious community that uniquely integrates creativity with ecology. The capital, Central Duikienin, reflects this ethos by serving not only as the administrative hub but also as a vibrant oasis for wildlife, showcasing a miniature infrastructure that coexists with the daily activities of cats, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and other local fauna. This innovative approach has transformed Northudankton into a living model of environmental stewardship and community engagement, where the well-being of its animal residents is considered equal alongside human interests.

The micronation's current state is characterized by its ongoing development projects and a commitment to expanding its territory and infrastructure on a more significant scale in the future. Plans for human-scale buildings alongside the miniature villages indicate a vision for growth that remains mindful of ecological balance and sustainability.

With its unique governance, dedication to the Way of Duisien, and active participation in the Grand Unified Micronational, Northudankton continues to carve out a distinct identity in the micronational world. Its commitment to progressive values, combined with a deep respect for the natural environment and the innovative integration of wildlife into the community fabric, sets Northudankton apart as a forward-thinking micronation poised for an exciting and dynamic future.


Northudankton is a small micronation located in the southern United States. It is situated in the south of Mississippi and is bordered by the city of Ocean Springs. The micronation covers an area of approximately 0.15 square miles, making it one of the smallest nations in the world. The land is relatively flat, with a few hills scattered throughout the area. The soil is fertile and supports a variety of plant life, including oak trees, palm trees, cedars, magnolias, azaleas, camellias, gardenias, altheas, mexican petunias, and many more. One of the most prominent geographical features in Northudankton is Mount Duikienin. This hill is located in the center of the micronation and rises to a height of approximately one foot. Another notable feature of Northudankton's geography is Morning Glory Island, a small island located above Duikienin. The island is covered in grass and morning glory leaves and is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as picnics and sunbathing amongst the locals.

The climate of Northudankton is mild and humid, with hot summers and cool winters. The average temperature in the summer months is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while in the winter it drops to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The area receives an average of around 45 inches of rainfall per year, with most of it falling in the summer months. Overall, Northudankton's geography is characterized by its rolling hills, lush forests, and small bodies of water in the Chipola District, and lush forests and a flat level ground in the Duisien District. Despite its small size, the micronation offers a variety of outdoor activities and is home to several unique geographical features that make it a charming and picturesque place to visit.

Climate in Duisien

Climate data for Duikienin, DD
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 15.7
Daily mean °C (°F) 10.7
Average low °C (°F) 5.6
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 149
Average relative humidity (%) 74 72 74 74 72 77 80 81 76 69 72 74 74.6

Climate in Chipola

Climate data for Esis Beola, CD
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 17.8
Daily mean °C (°F) 11.4
Average low °C (°F) 4.9
Average Rainfall mm (inches) 121
Average relative humidity (%) 72 71 71 69 71 73 75 76 75 73 70 71 72.3


The population of Northudankton reflects a diverse community with its own unique characteristics and composition. While specific figures may vary, the following provides an overview of the demographics of Northudankton based on available information.

The citizens of Northudankton are primarily concentrated in two sub-national administrative divisions known as Districts: Duisien District and Chipola District. Most people reside in or around the Duisien District, which is the more populous of the two. The Chipola District is home to a smaller portion of the population.

As of February 2024, Northudankton has a citizen count of fifteen human individuals and over a dozen animal individuals. These citizens are listed in the official citizenship records, along with their personal information such as full names, dates of birth, sex, district of residence, place of birth, identification numbers, occupations, and residence addresses in the United States.

Given its location within the United States, the primary language spoken in Northudankton is English. However, information regarding language proficiency or linguistic diversity within the Northudankton population is currently unavailable.

Northudankton recognizes a diversity of religious beliefs and practices among its citizens. While the specific breakdown of religious affiliation is not provided, it is known that various faiths and belief systems are present within the population. The most commonly held religious affiliation in Northudankton is the Way of Duisien. Other religions are also represented within the community, albeit to a lesser extent.

The citizens of Northudankton are described as predominantly left-leaning politically. Leftist ideologies, such as democratic socialism, have gained popularity among the population. However, specific details about the political affiliations or party preferences of individuals within Northudankton are not available.

Please note that further details on the citizenship records and other demographic aspects of Northudankton can be found in the official records maintained by the Northudankton government.


The economy of Northudankton, primarily centered around agriculture, emphasizes the production of goods for use rather than for sale, reflecting a community-driven approach to sustainability and self-sufficiency. This focus aligns with the ethos of producing what is necessary for the community's needs, minimizing reliance on external markets and fostering a strong sense of local identity and independence. While the Northudankton economy still relies on imports of agricultural goods from the United States, there is a strong initiative underway to ensure food security and increase self-sufficiency through the expansion of local agricultural practices and the promotion of community gardening projects.

Northudankton's economic backbone is its agricultural sector, which thrives on the fertile lands of both the Duisien and Chipola Districts. The micronation's agricultural practices are tailored to the local climate and soil conditions, allowing for the cultivation of a variety of crops that serve as the primary source of food and raw materials for the community. This sector not only ensures food security within Northudankton but also supports a lifestyle that values the direct relationship between the land and its people.

While Northudankton's economy is predominantly agricultural, the micronation does produce a range of commodities, particularly knick-knacks and crafts purchased using Duikans. These items, often created by local artisans, reflect the cultural heritage and creative spirit of Northudanktonians. Unlike mass-produced goods, these commodities are valued for their uniqueness and the craftsmanship involved. They serve as a means of cultural expression and community cohesion rather than significant economic drivers.

The economic model of Northudankton diverges from mainstream consumer-driven capitalism. It eschews the concept of planned obsolescence and the relentless pursuit of profit in favor of durability, sustainability, and the fulfillment of genuine needs. This approach fosters an economy where goods are produced with purpose and longevity in mind, reminiscent of pre-capitalist practices where the utility and necessity of items took precedence over their market value.

Administrative Divisions

Northudankton is divided into two sub-national administrative divisions known as Districts. These Districts, known as the Duisien District and the Chipola District, are located in Mississippi and Florida, respectively. All districts operate with district and local systems of democratically elected government organizations, ensuring the representation of the people's interests at various levels of governance.

Despite being geographically separate and located 211 miles apart, both the Duisien District and the Chipola District contribute to the rich cultural heritage and administrative structure of Northudankton.

The two districts of Northudankton, with their distinct characteristics and unique natural landscapes, embody the spirit and diversity of the micronation. Together, they contribute to the overall identity and development of Northudankton as a sovereign and culturally vibrant micronation.

Each district of Northudankton represents the furthest extent of the micronation's recognized territory. Encircling each district is a 13-mile radius region known as the Northudankton Metropolitan Areas, colloquially known the Metra, which extends to the outermost boundaries of Northudankton's broader realm. However, this reach is surpassed by Outposts, which may lie even further beyond, expanding Northudankton's influence.

These Metra regions serve as a transitional zone between the official territory of the micronation and the unaffiliated lands beyond, where Northudankton's interests persist beyond its borders. Metras are divided into eight divisions—North, South, East, and West—each further subdivided into Outskirts and Periphery. Lordship of these divisions is conducted by the Nobility of Northudankton.

Outskirts comprise Metra lands located between zero and three miles from the district border, while the Periphery extends from three to thirteen miles out. Any communities established beyond the Metra are initially designated as Outposts. This structured system allows Northudankton to maintain control, expand its realm's reach, and align with the kingdom's values and objectives.

District of Duisien

Main article: Duisien District

The Duisien District, established in 2016, is the western district of Northudankton and is situated within the US state of Mississippi. Its capital community, Duikienin, serves as the administrative center and cultural hub of the district. The Duisien District features a diverse terrain, consisting of flat and level ground along with dense forests. The lush forests and flat landscape provide a serene environment for residents and visitors alike.

Communities in the Duisien District

Communities are designated populated centers within districts. These are akin to towns or villages, officially recognized and incorporated, serving the needs and interests of Northudankton's citizens. All districts must have one capital community acting as the administrative heart and primary hubs for local governance and social activities.

  • Community of Duikienin - The capital community of Northudankton and the Duisien District.
  • Community of Fort Saint Alex - A community located on the only road border to the Duisien District.

Unincorporated Areas in the Duisien District

Unincorporated Areas refer to specific segments of land within districts that may have geographical, cultural, or historical significance but are not officially recognized as communities. These can be unincorporated areas without permanent human residents or formal local governance structures.

  • Almer
  • Freewoods
  • Zinnia Bluff
  • Rockbowl

District of Chipola

Main article: Chipola District

The Chipola District, founded in 2023, is recognized as the eastern district of Northudankton and is situated within the US state of Florida. The capital community of the Chipola District is Esis Beola. This district is characterized by rolling hills, lush forests, and small bodies of water in the Chipola District, creating a picturesque and captivating landscape.

Communities in the Chipola District

  • Community of Esis Beola - The capital community of the Chipola District.

Unincorporated Areas in the Chipola District

  • Beola Pond

Active Outposts

Outposts are communities ruled by the Nobility of Northudankton beyond the periphery of the kingdom, serving as extensions of Northudankton's influence and governance past the Metra. These outposts are strategically positioned outside the core territories, under the banner of Northudankton, to assert control and expand the realm's reach. They represent Northudankton's presence in remote or strategic locations, ensuring alignment with the values and objectives of the kingdom. Examples include Winterhell, an outpost located roughly 200 miles north of Duikienin under the supervision of Lord Edward, and Casterly Stone, an outpost 26 miles west of Duikienin overseen by Lady Bailey.

  • Winterhell (2022)
  • Casterly Stone (2024)

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