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The name Kabaar is an exclusive and significant title within the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton, a culturally Duisien American micronation. Originating from the micronation's unique lore, the term was introduced by Lord Lynch of the South in 2019. Within the context of Northudankton's cultural and political framework, the title embodies the pinnacle of authority and sacred leadership, intertwining both governmental and spiritual responsibilities.

The title is reserved exclusively for Jonathan T Freeman as the founder and principal architect of Northudankton. In the realm of Duisien mythology, the Kabaar is revered and is considered ordained by Saint Duisienbourgh to be the First Monarch of the Second Duisien Civilization. This esteemed position carries with it a profound cultural and historical importance, marking the holder as a seminal figure in the continuation and revival of Duisien traditions and values. The title is not designed to be hereditary or passed down to subsequent leaders.

The Kabaar's role extends beyond conventional governance; it is deeply integrated into the micronation's identity, influencing its regnal year, legal system, and many other facets of public life. This title encapsulates a blend of historical reverence, mythological significance, and contemporary statecraft, positioning the Kabaar as both a temporal ruler and a spiritual guide within the Northudanktonian society.