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The Kabaar
HRM King Jon I of Northudankton
1st King of Northudankton
Reign14 October 2016 – present
Born12 July 2002 (2002-07-12) (age 21)
Biloxi, Mississippi
Jonathan Tyler Freeman, King Jon I, The Kabaar, Richard Grimsley
Era name and dates
Kabaarin: 2016 – present
Regnal name
The Kabaar, King Jon I of Northudankton
HouseHouse of Freeman
MotherSt. Constance
OccupationKabaar, Minister of the Interior of Northudankton, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Northudankton, Minister of Virtual Affairs of Northudankton
SignatureThe Kabaar's signature

His Royal Majesty the Kabaar, Jonathan Tyler Freeman, King Jon the First of Northudankton (also known online as Goomb or Goombjf) of the House of Freeman is the founder and reigning monarch of the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton. He was born at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi at 8:16am on Friday, July 12, 2002. He formally established the micronation of Northudankton on Friday, October 14, 2016 at its current capital community, Duikienin, which itself was officially founded on Saturday, April 17, 2021. He is the son of St. Constance. He had a dog named Lottie who he care for dearly as a daughter, 2008 to 2023, and a staff in her honor called the Lottie's Love. Rest in peace, Lottie, all is for you. He graduated from Ocean Springs High School in 2021.

Jonathan founded the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton on Friday, October 14, 2016, at its current capital community, Duikienin. This community was officially founded on Saturday, April 17, 2021. As a micronation, Northudankton has the freedom to create its own traditions and symbols, and Jonathan has embraced this opportunity with enthusiasm.

Despite his relatively young age, Jonathan has already made a significant impact on the Northudankton community. He is deeply committed to his role as founder and monarch, and he has worked tirelessly to build and grow the micronation. His leadership is characterized by a genuine concern for the well-being of his citizens and a passion for creating a better future for all.

In addition to his duties as king, Jonathan is also a beloved figure in the Northudankton community. His kindness, humor, and approachability have earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow citizens. He is often seen attending community events, engaging with his subjects, and promoting the values of Northudankton. In terms of other personal projects associated with Northudankton, Jonathan also founded the Life Pineapple band in August of 2018.

One of Jonathan's most beloved companions was his dog, Lottie. Lottie was an orange and white schnauzer terrier mix and has been a constant presence in Jonathan's life since she was adopted as a puppy in 2008. She is known for her friendly personality, loyalty, and undeniable cuteness. Lottie had become an integral part of the Northudankton community and is often seen in official photographs and events, donning her royal attire.

Lottie is officially known as HRH Princess Lottie, the Princess of Northudankton. Her role as a symbol of the micronation reflects the special bond between Lottie and Jonathan, even after he passing, as well as the importance of animals in our lives. Her birthday, May 31, is celebrated as Lottie Day, a national holiday in Northudankton that honors her and all that she represents to the community.

Under his reign, Northudankton is not merely a micronation but a canvas for existential exploration and creativity. Freeman's approach to leadership is deeply influenced by his philosophical musings on existence, society, and the human condition. He regards his governance not just as a duty but as a form of art, manifesting through the thoughtful expansion of Northudankton, the cultivation of its lands, and the fostering of a community that values introspection, sustainability, and creativity.

A staunch advocate for the power of thinking about thinking, Freeman's vision for Northudankton is imbued with his personal quest for meaning and his contemplation of mortality, which he views as a catalyst for living a life of purpose and resilience. This reflective outlook shapes his policies and interactions, aiming to create a society that embraces the complexities of existence while striving for a harmonious balance between innovation and tradition.

In addition to his royal duties, Freeman is a prolific creator, actively engaging in writing, gardening, and the arts, with ambitions of publishing and further enriching the cultural landscape of Northudankton. He maintains a 24/7 live stream showcasing the "administrative borough of the capital community," allowing the world to witness the evolving narrative of Northudankton and its dedication to transparency and community engagement.

Freeman's leadership is marked by a unique amalgamation of duty, personal growth, and existential inquiry. As he navigates the challenges of balancing public service with personal development, his journey reflects a commitment to being the best possible version of himself—for Northudankton and for the broader quest of understanding the human experience.

Through his endeavors, both within and beyond the realm of governance, Freeman exemplifies the potential of micronationalism as a platform for profound personal and communal exploration. His story is a testament to the power of visionary leadership grounded in philosophical thought, creative expression, and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of his people and the land they call home.

Full royal style

His Royal Majesty the Kabaar, Jonathan Tyler Freeman, King Jon the First of Northudankton, by the Grace of Saint Duisienbourgh and the Powers Almighty, Sovereign and Founder of the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton, Defender of the Way of Duisien, Protector of the Realm, Custodian of the Sacred Prophecies, Guardian of Northu Prosperity, Arbiter of Northudankton's Destiny, Governor of the Chipola District, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Virtual Affairs, Commander of the Northudankton Armed Forces, and Eternal Protector of the Good Late Princess Saint Lottie.

Mythology of the Kabaar

The Kabaar is a prophesized figure in the Duisien mythology who is believed to be the great leader of the Northu people and the first king of the Second Duisien Civilization, Northudankton. The Kabaar is said to be greater than any other king and the one individual destined to return the old ways of Saint Duisienbourgh to the material realm and guide the Duisien people to a greater future.

The prophecy of the Kabaar has been passed down through generations of the Duisien people and is deeply ingrained in their culture and history. It is believed that the Kabaar will be guided by Saint Duisienbourgh himself and will lead the Duisien people to a new era of prosperity and enlightenment.

For centuries, many rulers have claimed to be the Kabaar, but none have been able to fulfill the prophecy. However, in recent years, a new leader has emerged who has been embraced by the Duisien people as their true Kabaar. That person is King Jonathan T Freeman.

Born on the Mississippi coast of the Duisien lands, Freeman was an unlikely candidate to become the Kabaar. He grew up in humble circumstances and was not of noble birth. However, he possessed a strong sense of justice and a deep connection to his people and their history.

As Freeman grew older, he became increasingly involved in politics and rose through the ranks to become a respected leader in his community. He worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his people and was known for his honesty, integrity, and unwavering commitment to the principles of the Duisien civilization.

In recent years, Freeman's leadership has taken on a new significance. As the world around them has become increasingly turbulent and chaotic, many Duisien people have turned to Freeman as a beacon of hope and stability. His dedication to the ideals of the Duisien civilization and his unwavering commitment to his people have earned him the support and respect of the entire community.

As the true Kabaar, Freeman has a monumental task ahead of him. He must lead the Duisien people out of the darkness and into a new era of enlightenment and prosperity. But with his leadership and the guidance of Saint Duisienbourgh, the Duisien people can look to the future with hope and optimism.

In conclusion, the Kabaar is a prophesized figure in the Duisien mythology who is believed to be the great leader of the Northu people and the first king of the Second Duisien Civilization. King Jonathan T Freeman has emerged as the true Kabaar and is poised to lead his people to a new era of prosperity and enlightenment. The Duisien people can look to the future with hope and optimism, knowing that their destiny is in the hands of a great leader and guided by the teachings of Saint Duisienbourgh.

Monarch of Northudankton

The Monarch of Northudankton is the most important political figure in Northudankton. As both the head-of-state and head-of-government, the King has the power to oversee and make decisions about the nation's policies and administration. They are responsible for maintaining law and order and ensuring that the nation runs smoothly.

The Monarch's reign is lifelong, but they can be expelled from the throne if deemed necessary. This can only happen if the Head Cabinet and the House of Representatives both vote with a 90% majority to remove the King from power. The King's powers are vast and can influence everything from foreign policy to the appointment of the Head Cabinet and judiciary.

The first King of Northudankton was Jonathan T. Freeman, who was also known as the Kabaar, the King of all Kings. He founded the modern nation of Northudankton and has served as the King since the nation's inception.

The Monarch is also responsible for representing Northudankton on the international stage. They are the country's ambassador to other nations, and they participate in international summits and conferences. The King can also create treaties and agreements with other countries, with the approval of the Head Cabinet and the House of Representatives.

The Monarch of Northudankton is an essential figure in the country's politics and administration. They are responsible for ensuring that the nation runs smoothly and that the people of Northudankton are well taken care of. The position is held in high regard by the citizens of Northudankton, and the King is considered a symbol of unity and strength for the country.


Jonathan Freeman, the King of Northudankton, holds multiple important offices in the country's government, including his role as the Minister of Virtual Affairs and the Minister of the Interior. In addition to these positions, he is also a member of the High Council, which is responsible for providing advice and support to the King on all matters of governance. The council includes four Ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is currently being led by an acting Minister due to the recent resignation of Daniel Ellis.

The Northudankton Ministry of Virtual Affairs (NMVA) is a critical ministry responsible for managing the country's online presence and digital communication strategies. The ministry oversees the Northudankton Wiki, the Out The Window stream, and various social media accounts to ensure that they accurately reflect the nation's values and interests. As the Minister of Virtual Affairs, Jonathan Freeman is responsible for ensuring that Northudankton's online presence is reflective of the nation's goals and values.

Jonathan Freeman also serves as the Minister of the Interior, which is responsible for overseeing the security, economy, and community within the district borders of Northudankton. The ministry presides over various departments, including the Northudankton Department of Education, the Northudankton Department of Labor, and the Northudankton Science Department, among others. As the Minister of the Interior, Jonathan Freeman oversees the Community Guard and the nation's finances.

In addition to his ministerial roles, Jonathan Freeman has also served as the Community Mayor of Duikienin and currently serves as the Community Mayor of Esis Beola. The role of Community Mayor involves leading a community within Northudankton and overseeing its development and growth.

Overall, Jonathan Freeman is a crucial figure in Northudankton's government, holding multiple offices that allow him to contribute to the country's governance, security, and economic growth. His leadership and expertise have helped Northudankton become a prosperous and stable nation, and he continues to work towards ensuring the country's success and growth in the future.

House of Freeman

The House of Freeman is a relatively new royal house, as it was founded upon the establishment of the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton in 2016. The first monarch of Northudankton was Jon I, Jonathan Freeman, who is a member of the House of Freeman.

The House of Freeman is known for its dedication to public service and promoting the values of transparency, accountability, and good governance in Northudankton. Members of the House of Freeman have served in various government positions, including the Northudankton Monarchy and the High Council.

St. Constance Freeman, a member of the House of Freeman, is also known for her philanthropic work and dedication to improving the lives of Northudankton's citizens. Lynn Freeman and Lottie are also members of the House of Freeman and have served in various government positions, including the Northudankton Department of Education.

Overall, the House of Freeman is an important institution in Northudankton's political and social landscape, representing a commitment to public service and good governance.

Personal Outlook

In articulating my philosophical perspective, it is not my intention to come across as egocentric, though the concept of selfishness itself warrants a nuanced examination. I perceive myself primarily through the lens of a philosophical thinker and artist, a designation that encapsulates my existential and societal inquiries. My intellectual pursuits are deeply introspective, focusing on meta-cognition and my role within broader existence and communal structures.

My engagement with the natural world, such as tending to plants and cultivating crops, forms an integral part of my daily life. I also manage a continuous live stream, Out The Window, now surpassing one thousand days, showcasing, Central Duikienin, the administrative borough of the capital community of Northudankton. This endeavor reflects a commitment to documenting and sharing the evolution of my creative and sovereign project.

I harbor aspirations to author and publish works, acquire a larger expanse of land to establish the micronation definitively, and potentially embark on a homestead. While the prospect of family life remains tentative, it is an option I entertain with openness. This lifestyle embodies my essence and is pivotal to my sense of fulfillment; any deviation would compromise my happiness.

Concurrently, reflections on mortality provoke a sense of existential dread, yet they also fortify my resolve to persevere. This awareness of life's finitude strengthens my survival instinct, affirming my belief in my ability to endure and adapt, even in the most challenging scenarios.

My journey is a continuous quest for self-improvement, fraught with complexities. Striving to embody the best version of myself involves navigating intricate moral dilemmas and achieving equilibrium between self-care and the support of others, comfort and productivity. Despite the challenges, my efforts are unwavering, driven by a deep-seated commitment to conscientious living and the pursuit of a meaningful existence.