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The Life Pineapple "LP" logo

Life Pineapple is a musical ensemble founded by Jonathan T. Freeman, the founder and reigning monarch of the United Micro-Federation of Northudankton, in August 2018. Initially conceived as a means for Freeman to explore music and collaborate with others, the band has evolved over the years to become a creative and expressive outlet for its members.


The band's early lineup included Colton Fetsko, who joined in 2018, and Ky Cloyd, a friend of Freeman's, who was a member in late 2019 and early 2020. However, it wasn't until April 2020 that the band's membership solidified with the official Life Pineapple members being Jonathan Freeman, Bailey Carpenter, and occasionally Daniel Ellis.

Jonathan Freeman, the driving force behind Life Pineapple, acknowledges that the band operates more as a hobby, with Bailey and Daniel contributing in various ways. While Bailey has produced cover songs like "This Is Home," Daniel, who is not musically inclined, provides ideas and occasional input. Jonathan primarily takes the lead on composing original content, with some collaborative efforts with Daniel and Bailey.


Life Pineapple's musical catalog is marked by a series of self-published albums and singles. Their inaugural release, titled "Blue Pumpkings," made its debut on October 31, 2018, though it was later removed due to self-critique. "Hanging Wood" faced a similar fate. Subsequently, the band primarily released singles until the launch of "Not So Somber Fields" in August 2020, followed by "Royal Autumn Concerto" in September 2023.

Notable tracks in the band's repertoire include "Dead Gay Flowers," which was inspired by the concept of a song in the style of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and holds no offensive intent. "Viable Somber" stands out as an impromptu instrumental piece featuring Daniel's contribution to the bassline arpeggio and Jonathan's creative manipulation of the cent flanger effect.

"Morning Ditty" is another spontaneous creation with Daniel playing a significant role. "Why Do You Inquire?" is one of the band's earliest original compositions from the lost "Blue Pumpkins" album, now available as a single and music video on YouTube. "Space Quadrant Space," released in April 2020 and revisited in September 2023, represents one of Jonathan's proudest achievements in the band, offering a glimpse into the band's evolving sound.

Most of their music is available on most music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and others.

Album/EP/Single Title Tracks Date Credits
Album (removed) Blue Pumpkings 13 October 31, 2018 Jonathan Freeman
Album Hanging Wood 18 March 15, 2019 Jonathan Freeman, Colton Fetsko
Single Stay And Watch The Rain 1 May 3, 2019 Jonathan Freeman
Single (cover) This Is Home 1 January 2, 2020 Bailey Carpenter, Jonathan Freeman, Ky Cloyd
Single Space Quadrant Space 1 April 20, 2020 Jonathan Freeman, Bailey Carpenter, Daniel Ellis
Album Not So Somber Fields 15 August 13, 2020 Jonathan Freeman, Bailey Carpenter, Daniel Ellis
EP Royal Autumn Concerto 5 September 26, 2023 Jonathan Freeman
Single The Ides Of March Value Pack 3 March 15, 2024 Jonathan Freeman
Single Novae Way 1 March 20, 2024 Jonathan Freeman, Bailey Carpenter

Musical Development

Over the years, Jonathan Freeman's musical journey has been marked by growth and development. He has invested two years in vocal lessons, encompassing performance, ukulele playing, and more. With time and experience, Life Pineapple has matured, solidifying its presence since its inception in August 2018 and further establishing itself with the release of "Space Quadrant Space" in April 2020, followed by a 2023 version on their EP.


The band continues to engage with its audience through platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, where they share their diverse musical content, including cover songs, demos, and original tracks, reflecting their dedication to delivering heartfelt music to their listeners.