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Her Grace Princess Lottie on May 26, 2020
Other name(s)Lod
SpeciesCanis lupus (Dog)
BreedSchnauzer Terrier mix
BornMay 31, 2008
DiedDecember 30, 2023 (15 years)
Nation fromNorthudankton
Notable rolePrincess of Northudankton
Known forKnown in Northudankton as "unbearably cute and sweet".
Parent(s)Jonathan T Freeman

Her Grace, the Good Late Princess Saint Lottie Dah Freeman of Northudankton, Daughter of the Kabaar, Eternal Princess of the Realm, born on May 31, 2008, was an orange and white schnauzer terrier mix, known for her friendly personality, loyalty, and undeniable cuteness. Lottie was Kabaar Jon of Northudankton's most beloved companion and had been a constant presence in his life since she was adopted as a puppy at three months old from the Humane Society of South Mississippi when he was six years old. With her long, straight, and soft fur and big, beautiful dark eyes, Lottie was an integral part of the Northudankton community, often seen in official photographs and events, donning her royal attire.

Lottie was never aggressive, only protective over Jonathan. She was known to follow him everywhere, barking if she couldn't come along, and crying and waiting for him all day when he had to go to school as a child. She was a beautiful soul who deserved so much more, reflecting the special bond between her and Jonathan, as well as the importance of animals in our lives. She was officially known as HRH Princess Lottie, the Princess of Northudankton. Her title was not merely an honorific, but a reflection of her status as a beloved member of the community. Princess Lottie was adored by the people of Northudankton and was often seen greeting her subjects with a wagging tail and a friendly face.

Lottie passed away on December 30, 2024. She was buried in a large pot on top of pavers beside Jonathan's bedroom window in Central Duikienin at 4:00 PM on the day she had to be put down. The south half of Central Duikienin is now known as Lottie Square Memorial, where she is buried. The day of her passing is commemorated as Lottie's Eternal Day.

Lottie's birthday, May 31, is celebrated as Lottie Day, a national holiday in Northudankton that honors her memory and all that she represented to the community. On this day, the people of Northudankton come together to celebrate Princess Lottie's life and all the joy she brought to the community. The holiday is marked by parades, feasts, and other festivities that celebrate the enduring bond between animals and humans.