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The Little Pineapple
In Saint Duisienbourgh's Honor We Stand
Map of Duikienin
Map of Duikienin
Country Northudankton
DistrictDuisien District
Founded14 October 2016
Incorporated17 April 2021 (community)
 • MayorEugene Trieye (P)
 • Total.0012 km2 (0.0005 sq mi)

The Community of Duikienin (pronounced as Doo-kin-in) is the capital community and most populous community of The United Micro-Federation of Northudankton, and is located within the District of Duisien. Since its official inception on April 17, 2021, by Jonathan T. Freeman, alongside the borough of Central Duikienin and the Out The Window v3 stream, this mini-garden civilization has flourished, becoming a sanctuary for both its human and animal inhabitants. Its rich history dates back to before its formal establishment, serving as the heart of Northudankton since the nation's formation in 2016.

Duikienin is distinguished by its five boroughs: North Duikienin, Central Duikienin, St. Constance Court, East Duikienin Pass, and South Duikienin. Each borough, with its unique character and offerings, enriches the community's diversity, providing an array of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

The leadership of Duikienin, spearheaded by the Office of the Mayor of Duikienin and the Duikienin Town Council, is dedicated to the community's prosperity and the well-being of its diverse residents. Their efforts have solidified Duikienin's status as a central hub of activity and cultural significance within Northudankton. In Northudankton's current era, the office of the mayor is currently a symbolic role reserved for formalities, reflecting the community's size and mission, and stands open for future democratic engagement when individuals decide to pursue the position actively.

Natural Haven and Flora and Fauna

Long recognized as a local wildlife haven, Duikienin's property is abundant with diverse flora and fauna. The community is home to dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and more, living harmoniously amidst palm trees, live oaks, magnolias, and other lush vegetation. This biodiversity is a testament to the community's commitment to supporting local wildlife, a mission revitalized with its recent incorporation.

Central Duikienin

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Central Duikienin remains the administrative heart of the community, rich in landmarks and cultural sites such as St. Duisienbourgh's Chapel of Love, Duikienin Village, and Morning Glory Island. It embodies the community's spirit, blending tradition with modernity. A public broadcast, the Out The Window v3 Broadcast, provides a continuous live feed of Central Duikienin, offering viewers a real-time window into the heart of the community and its day to day life.

South Duikienin

South Duikienin, the largest and most populous borough, is renowned for the Ruins of Fort Jon, many other buildings, and its vibrant animal residents. It serves as a key agricultural site for Northudankton, with Fort Jon Road, Saint Constance Way, and South Duikienin Street facilitating access throughout the community and beyond.

Saint Constance Court

Saint Constance Court, a quaint borough directly south of Central Duikienin, is celebrated for its communal firepit gatherings and outdoor enjoyment and as a place to connect with nature. Named honorarily after Regal Matron Saint Constance in 2023, it is a testament to the community's strong sense of tradition and camaraderie. South Duikienin is also the location of the community's economic center where Duikans can be exchanged for Northudankton goods and services.

East Duikienin Pass

East Duikienin Pass, characterized by its minimal population and the iconic East Duikienin Tree, is predominantly defined by its thoroughfare, Saint Duisienbourgh Street, which is lined with monkey grass in this area, and East Duikienin Circle. This area offers a tranquil escape within the bustling community, providing a serene environment that contrasts with the more populated areas of Duikienin.

North Duikienin

As the forefront of the micronation from the macronational street view and the second-largest borough, North Duikienin is a haven for squirrels, birds, and raccoons. It is a key agricultural area under the oversight of the Regal Patron, where sunlight-loving plants thrive.

The Grand Palace of Northudankton

The Grand Palace, also known as the Duikienin Residence, stands as a significant human-scale building, housing the royal family and symbolizing the community's leadership and vision.

The Community of Duikienin, with its diverse boroughs, rich natural environment, and committed leadership, continues to flourish as a vibrant and welcoming place. It reflects the dedication of its founders and the community's collective commitment to growth, quality of life, and the preservation of its unique cultural and natural heritage.