Out The Window

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Out The Window
Screenshot of the Out The Window Broadcast (07/16/2023)
Product typeAudio/Video Broadcast
Owned byJonathan T Freeman
Created byJonathan T Freeman
Introduced17 April 2021

The Out The Window Broadcast (OTW) is a captivating and ongoing project located within Northudankton, specifically in Duikienin, offering viewers a continuous live audio and video feed of Central Duikienin from the windows of the Grand Palace of Northudankton.

Out The Window v1: A Simple Beginning (09/14/19-01/22/20)

The Out The Window v1 stream marked the initial launch of the project, commencing on September 14, 2019, and running until January 22, 2020. While specific details regarding this version are limited, it established the foundation for the subsequent iterations of the broadcast. Out The Window v1 aimed to capture the beauty and dynamics of the environment outside Jonathan T Freeman's window. The point of view of the first stream was parallel from the ground, pointing westward, out of the south window of Freeman's bedroom.

Out The Window v2: Expanding the Horizon (08/09/20-11/17/20; 12/31/20-01/01/21; 02/07/21-02/20/21)

Building upon its predecessor, Out The Window v2 brought about significant expansion and development to the project. This version of the stream aired from August 9, 2020, to November 17, 2020, with intermittent broadcasts on December 31, 2020, to January 1, 2021, and February 7, 2021, to February 20, 2021. The v2 stream showcased an enhanced scope of Freeman's surroundings, showing viewers a new view outside of the Freeman's north window.

Out The Window v3: Enhanced Immersion (Since April 17, 2021)

Out The Window v3, the current and ongoing version of the stream, launched on April 17, 2021, and continues to captivate viewers with its live audio and video feed of Saint Duisienbourgh Street in Central Duikienin. This iteration offers an immersive experience, showcasing Jonathan T Freeman's area outside his north window and through a skycam located in the south window. The broadcast operates 24/7, providing a continuous stream of Freeman's environment.

To ensure the preservation of historical footage, there is a scheduled break every 12 hours, from 11:57:30 to 11:59:30, allowing the previous 12 hours of content to save. The presence of wind noises, which may be projected significantly by subwoofers, adds to the authenticity of the stream.

The Monthly Address is a notable feature of Out The Window v3, taking place on the first day of each month. The timing of the address is typically around noon to 3 PM, but may vary if necessary. By the 3rd of each month, the specific time for the address is communicated in the video's description. This monthly event offers an opportunity for Jonathan T Freeman to communicate directly with the viewers, sharing updates, insights, and reflections.

It is worth noting that the first broadcast of Out The Window v3 served as a significant milestone, coinciding with the founding of Duikienin. The area of land captured by the ground cam has gradually developed into a thriving garden village project, evolving and becoming more intricate over time.

Out The Window v4: Future Development

Out The Window v4 is the conceptual planned successor to the ongoing Out The Window v3 stream, with current plans to establish it in the Community of Esis Beola once a sufficient power supply and structure are maintained. While specific details about v4 are yet to be revealed, it is anticipated that this version will further enhance the immersive experience for viewers, continuing the tradition of providing a captivating window into Jonathan T Freeman's world.


The Out The Window Broadcast has evolved over time, progressing from a simple concept in Out The Window v1 to the immersive and engaging experience of Out The Window v3. This unique project offers viewers an unprecedented opportunity to observe and appreciate the surroundings of Jonathan T Freeman's daily life. As the project moves forward with Out The Window v4, it is poised to continue captivating audiences and providing a fascinating window into the ever-evolving world outside the window.