His Majesty's Term

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His Majesty's Term
3rd ministry of Essian Commonwealth

Date formed 2 November 2017
Date dissolved 4 January 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Henry, Lord of Esse
Head of state Henry, Lord of Esse
Ministers removed
6, including the Monarch and Heaminister
Member party The Greens
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party The Democrats
Opposition leader Tarik Kârjasary
Legislature term(s) 2nd Parlamenzalochas
Previous Second Frisch Term
Successor Kârjasary Term

Lord Henry, who appointed himself Heaminister of Esse on 2 November 2017, formed His Majesty's Term following said appointment. The term was officially known as the 3rd term or the 3rd ministry, as it was the third heaministerial term defined under the terms of the 2017 Essian Constitution which created the Parlamenzalochas of the Essian Commonwealth. The Term had been made up of five members and seven positions, all in the Green Party of Esse or Independent politicians, excluding the First Justice, who only attended cabinet sessions.


Planning for the second ministry began following the declaration of the June 2017 Essian general election. By election time - this being 22 June 2017, HIllM Lord Henry had privately signaled that he would not oppose a majority Green government, granted the party won the sufficient number of seats. The new term took office the following day, 25 June, as the first non-coalition government in Essian history.

Following the resignation of then-Heaminister James Reginald Frisch, Lord Henry appointed himself second Heaminister of the Essian Commonwealth.


Cabinet of the Essian Commonwealth
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Minister for Cartography
His Illustrious Majesty Henry Clément 2015 – 2018
Chief Attorney His Grace Count Patrick Renwick MP 2017 – 2018
Chancellor of the Treasury His Grace Earl Brandon Wu MP 2017 – 2018
Minister for Foreign Affairs Her Grace Baron Ava Neasa MP 2017 – 2018
Minister of Culture His Grace Baron Tarik Kârjasary MP 2017 – 2018
Minister for Charities His Grace Marquis Newton von Uberquie MP 2017 – 2018
Also attending cabinet meetings
First Justice His Honourable Grace Baron Avro Keatings MP 2017 – 2018


  1. The Democrats are officially in the opposition, however have one seat in His Majesty's Term by way of the Ministry of Culture.