Clementine Nations

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Seal of Houston, Texas, the location of most of the Clementine Nations.
Banner of the Clementine Nations, originally used in the Grand Duchy of St.Clemens.

The Clementine Sector, also known as the Houston Sector is a micronational sector in the State of Texas of the United States of America, located on the Gulf Coast in the city of Houston. Micronations originating from this sector are known for their almost certain connections to micronationalist Henry Clément, who is also the namesake of the sector. The first major micronation from the Clementine Sector, the Federated States of America, was founded in August 2014 and paved the way for nearly one dozen micronations after it to be established or to hold possessions in the sector.

The sector is remembered for active instability throughout the summer of 2016, where it saw consistent rebranding, dissolution, and reformation of its micronational owners. Most of this was carried out by Clément himself, however in that summer former Federated States Vice President Brandon Wu also reestablished the Republic of Galveston as a State in order to enter it into the newly expanded Empire of Paravia. Many micronations have held possessions in the territory, however all except the Galveston and the Domain of Esse have been overthrown and replaced with the Essian Commonwealth.

Clementine Nations:

Era Periods Duration Description
Start date End date
Foundation 3 1 July 2014 18 December 2014 The discovery of micronationalism and founding of the sector's first micronations.
Federalism 2 18 December 2015 12 May 2015 The growth of the Federated States.
Post-Federal 3 12 May 2015 15 December 2015 Tension in the Federated States leads to collapse and the subsequent creation of successor projects.
Atlanteon 2 15 December 2015 5 May 2016 The Federated States is reformed as the Atlantic Commonwealth.
Stagnation 4 5 May 2016 27 January 2017 Instability plagues the sector, with several micronations rising and falling during the period, with stability finally being achieved under the State of Koss.
Modern 2 27 January 2017 Present The current era. The sector reaches its "golden age" as it stabilizes, with a thriving political and cultural standing.

List of heads of government

No. Office Name Term start Term end Total reign Notes Politics Image
1 President
Republic of Concord
Henry 1 August 2014 22 September 2014 52 days Merged with
Gorgania, Zevanland
2 President
Calum 22 August 2014 22 September 2014 31 days Merged with
Concord, Zevanland
3 President
Will 23 August 2014 22 September 2014 30 days Merged with
Concord, Gorgania
4 Vice President
Federated States
Brandon Wu 22 September 2014 12 May 2015 232 days Resigned following
Brandongate scandal
- General Secretary
Alan Wallace
(Illegitimate government)
22 September 2014 29 September 2014 7 days Defeated in
5 Secretary of State
Federated States
John Churchill 12 May 2015 1 June 2015 20 days Acted following
Brandongate scandal
6 Lord Protector
Commonwealth of Esse
Henry 1 June 2015 16 December 2015 198 days Elected unanimously
Left upon FSA reformations
7 President
Republic of Galveston
Brandon Wu 3 June 2015 4 July 2015 31 days Went inactive
shortly after foundation
8 President
Executive Council
Gareth Henry Twain, Jr. 6 January 2016 5 May 2016 120 days Elected unanimously
in 2016
9 Governor-General
Hiddleston & Alonia
Gareth Henry Twain, Jr. 1 June 2016 14 June 2016 13 days Served briefly under
Hiddleston Street
10 First Minister
Alan Wallace 14 June 2016 27 July 2016 43 days Appointed under
Grand Duke Henry
11 Prince
Principality of Valites
Henry 27 June 2016 11 November 2016 137 days Ejected for
November inactivity
12 President
State of Galveston
Brandon Wu 22 July 2016 18 February 2017 211 days Revived state and signed
Treaty of Nyros
13 Speaker
United States of Wings
Horatio Eden 20 November 2016 27 January 2017 68 days Served until
Essian reformations
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14 Lord
Essian Commonwealth
Henry 27 January 2017 20 March 2017 52 days Served during
Constitutional proceedings
- Acting President
State of Galveston
Henry Clément 18 February 2017 14 July 2017 146 days Appointed in the
absence of the President
15 Heaminister
Essian Commonwealth
James Reginald Frisch 20 March 2017 present 1110 days Appointed and later
elected democratically
16 Huangdi
State of Galveston
Brandon 14 July 2017 present 994 days Reclaimed presidency and
pushed major reforms