Sandwich Corps

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Sandwich Corps
Type Private
Country  Commonwealth of Esse
Availability International
Owner Quetico Street
Key people Henry Clement, Owner
Established 19 April 2017
Motto Experimenting with experiments
Former names Amoena Simphonia
Simphonia Records
Television Clement!
Music The Diarchy
News Messenger

Sandwich Corps (often known simply as Sandwich) is a micronational multimedia corporation founded in Rema in April 2017 as the successor to the Twain's Quetico Street and a break-off from the Amoena Simphonia. It's name is inspired by Apple Corps. Its chief division, Sandwich Records, was launched on the same day as a vehicle for promotion of founder Henry Clement's music projects. Other projects, such as Sandwich TV, have also been launched.

Since April 2017, Sandwich Corps has been owned and operated by Quetico Street, the ill-fated economic project that was reformed to avoid disbandment. As such, Sandwich Corps' CEO is Superintendent Henry Clement.


Sandwich Records

Sandwich Streaming

Sandwich TV